Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks are once again on their way to making themselves the best team in the league. After two seasons of Western Conference teams proving better in the regular season, it’s time for Milwaukee to show them that they didn’t win the 2021 title by a narrow margin.

Giannis averages 34 points, 13 rebounds, 5.5 assists and 1.7 pieces per game, leading his team to wins in all six games they’ve played so far for the best record in the league.

It’s not that they played the best of those six teams, but that there were contenders from the East in the Nets, Bulls, and Hawks who didn’t stand a chance against the Greek international who played without his second turn, Khris Middleton.

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And with this dominance comes Antetokounmpo’s joy, which at times proves too much for his teammates.

Giannis and Thanassis Antitokonmo bully Serge Ibaka to get him to wear Nike Freaks 4

In a practice session after their win over the Detroit Pistons, the Antetokonmo brothers were looking to do some mischief with their teammate Serge Ibaka.

The former champion with the Raptors was minding his own business on the court when the duo of Greek siblings gleefully jumped on him, Giannis took off his Adidas shoes, and Thanasis grabbed him.

Next, the 2x MVP who is a Nike ambassador jokingly tried to get his shoes, which looked like Nike Freak 4, on Serge’s feet.

Fortunately, he didn’t and let the man, an adidas-sponsored athlete, walk away with his own shoes. He would have caused trouble for Ibaka if he had worn Nike. He must have kept these freaks behind the scenes.

The kind of team chemistry that Giannis has built with all of his teammates, old and new, is what makes his team such a great team over the past few years.

Antetokounmpo is much more than just the best player in Milwaukee

The winning team must have a friendly team environment if it is serious about winning the championship.

Not everyone can have Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal on their teams who are going to win titles while facing each other all season and not even care about their team’s environment.

We can see that the 2022 Champions started their season 3-5 even though everyone shouted that what happened between Draymond Green and Jordan Bowl would not affect the Warriors’ performance in any way.

So, what Giannis brings to the team every day with his infectious, happy nature, is a much bigger culture than the two-time Finals Best Player and one of the Finals best players as a player alone.

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