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First, Generation Z was bringing back point-and-shoot digital cameras in the early 2000s, but now TikTok users are bringing back the Fujifilm X100 — and they’re raising the price of the camera significantly.

FujiAddict Reports indicate that the prices of Fujifilm X100 cameras have gone up recently, specifically in the past few days, due to TikTok users praising the camera on the social media platform.

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The report notes that the jump in price can be seen across sellers. However, TikTok’s impact on the camera’s price can be best seen on Amazon, with prices for the X100V rising to around $3,000, which is equal to or more than some of the newer full-frame options from the likes of Canon, Sony or Nikon.

Furthermore, the price of the original used Fujifilm X100 has gone up from a few hundred dollars to about $1,000.

Data shows that the price of the camera started rising earlier this year, but this trend has continued steadily. While the Fujifilm X100 has always been a popular compact camera, online coverage hasn’t had that kind of effect on its price and is further proof of TikTok’s strength as a major force in the camera industry today.

This camera will change your life

In recent months, interest in the Fujifilm X100 has been revived on TikTok. The hashtag #fujifilmx100v has now reached over 3.2 million views. The hashtag #fujifilmxt100 has another 1.1 million views.

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Many TikTok users have praised the Fujifilm X100 color flag. However, the interest in the camera appears to have gained particular traction on TikTok after photographer and influencer Kylie Katich posted a viral video series about the Fujifilm X100 in September declaring, “This camera will change your life.”

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In the clip, Katesh shows some of the photos she took from the camera and explains how they didn’t require any editing. The photographer then notes how the Fujifilm X100 “looks like a film camera, has settings like a film camera but is digital.”

Katish then said how the Fujifilm X100 is a “digital film simulating camera”. She describes how, “You can play your photos, go straight to your phone while shooting and not waste time or money developing your movie, and you can even shoot with automatic settings if you want to.”

This statement is that the Fujifilm X100 can emulate the film camera that captured the imagination and curiosity of TikTok. The advent of film photography on a large scale can be traced back to Generation Z and the concept of finding a modern digital camera that can simulate film is a compelling one for younger users.

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After Katich’s video, other photographers such as Grace Troutman purchased the Fujifilm X100 for this purpose and reviewed the camera in clips that collected millions of views.

Since then, the photographers have also posted videos on TikTok describing how they replaced their film camera with the Fujifilm X100 instead. While other TikTok users like the director and photographer, Edward Lee dubbed the Fujifilm X100V their new “favorite camera” for its ability to take photos that needn’t be edited.

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When Instagram mentioned that it was no longer a photo-sharing app, TikTok is increasingly becoming an online space for discussing photography and is clearly a major player defining current and future camera trends, especially among Generation Z.

betapixel I previously mentioned how TikTok’s control over the short video isn’t the only thing Instagram has to worry about. At a time when Instagram is turning away from its roots as a photo-sharing app, Generation Z has found a new space to post their selfies and photo junk – and that is TikTok.

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