One of the best parts of any vacation at Walt Disney World Resort is enjoying the endless dining options available throughout the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, Disney Resorts, and more. Each dining venue is unique and offers guests the opportunity to enjoy everything from quick snacks to quick service meals to signature dining experiences, all with fantastic menus and immersive themes.

With so many dining options to choose from throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, guests might automatically think the food would be typical park fare, such as chicken nuggets, fries, burgers, and more. Or guests may focus on the idea of ​​indulging throughout their holiday in sumptuous dishes and truly delicious cuisine.

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While these options are certainly found throughout the Walt Disney World resort, it’s also entirely possible to enjoy healthy eating throughout any vacation, thanks to the delicious, fresh, and mouthwatering options that don’t turn into decadent, decadent bites. In fact, healthy eating has become a huge initiative at Walt Disney World Resort in recent years, with menus expanding and changing to include new, healthy options for guests to enjoy throughout the property.

Are you looking to enjoy healthy eating while at the Walt Disney World Resort? Check out these tips and tricks to enjoy delicious healthy options every day!

Grill - Chicken - Sunshine - Seasons

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Find healthy menu options

The most obvious way to enjoy healthy eating while at Walt Disney World Resort is to look for healthy menu options, and luckily it’s very easy to do with the options that are literally everywhere. Every restaurant across the property, whether it’s a lounge, quick service or table service, features at least one healthy option designed to satisfy guests looking for a fresher, lighter, or more delicious option. Also on each menu are alternative menu options for dietary restrictions or allergies which are often very healthy and tasty.

seasons of sunshine

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While there are indeed healthy menu options to be found on every menu at Walt Disney World Resort, some locations have more or better options than others. Sunshine Seasons can be found at The Land Pavilion at EPCOT’s World Nature and is open daily for quick-service lunch and dinner with several ordering stations serving fresh choices including ingredients grown right there in The Land. Some of the fresh and healthy options that guests can enjoy at Sunshine Seasons include grilled acorn salmon, Asian vegetable pasta salad, spicy fish taco salad and Caesar salad.

The Columbia Harbor House in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom is another great quick-service option for healthy dining and is open daily for lunch and dinner. The restaurant focuses on seafood favourites, and guests can enjoy a healthy menu including grilled shrimp skewer, grilled salmon and cardamom to the leaf!

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Disney Kids Meals

Another important factor to consider when considering healthy menu items in every restaurant is the option to enjoy a kid’s meal. Several dining locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort feature a regular kids’ menu as well as several Disney Kids’ Meals, which are healthy and nutritious options. Guests are allowed to order from the kids’ menu regardless of age, and some of the Disney kids’ meals are filling and delicious options that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Ask for modifications

Although there are many healthy options on the various menus throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, guests may discover a food item that is not particularly healthy but looks delicious. Fortunately, many restaurants are very accommodating when guests request modifications to meals, and simple changes can take any meal from more indulgent to healthy with little changes. Guests can for example order sauce on the side, swap sides for healthier options like fruit or vegetables, and even ask to exclude certain items from the meal. By making small tweaks to any meal, guests can make it healthy and have a little fun.

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Choose customizable quick service meals

Similar to ordering alterations, some meals can be customized throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, making them great options for guests looking to eat on the healthy side. The perfect example of a restaurant that offers customizable meals is the Satu’li Canteen at Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This quick service restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner and offers a menu of customizable dishes in an immersive and laid-back environment filled with Na’vi cultural elements.

Diners at Satu’li Canteen can choose from a multitude of proteins including slow-roasted beef steak, spicy garlic shrimp and wood-roasted chicken, then customize their meal by choosing a base such as sweet and red potato hash or a salad and a creamy dressing including vinaigrette. Grilled green onions or creamy herb dressing.

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Bring healthy snacks from home

Another easy way to ensure that a guest can continue healthy eating habits throughout Walt Disney World Resort is to pack their own healthy snack options from home. Fill and refuel options with fresh, healthy ingredients like granola bars, fresh fruit and other items that are easy to pack and have on hand all day long is the quickest and easiest way to make healthy choices. While there are healthy options available for purchase throughout the property such as Grilled Street Corn at Harambe Fruit Market and a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables at various locations, having items on hand at all times makes healthy choices much easier.

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