When the 2022-23 NBA schedule was first released, the Minnesota Timberwolves were thrilled. Not only did the team open only two games down the road in the Timberwolves schedule for October 2022, but the team seemed to start with opponents who would be more focused on the first overall selection for the 2023 NBA Draft rather than winning basketball games.

Boy, do those early predictions actually seem wrong.

Teams that were supposed to be rolling and playing dead this season, like the Oklahoma City Thunder (3-3), the Utah Jazz (6-2), and the San Antonio Spurs (5-2) are beating the good teams that entered November. 2022.

Is it because those teams found success at the expense of the Timberwolves? not exactly. While the Timberwolves defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder twice, the Thunder defeated the Los Angeles Clippers twice and the Dallas Mavericks once. The Utah Jazz beat the Memphis Grizzlies twice, the New Orleans Pelicans as well as the Denver Nuggets. The San Antonio Spurs have beaten the Philadelphia 76ers, Chicago Bulls, and Utah Jazz so far this season.

You’ve missed your pre-season predictions so far

It’s very clear. The Minnesota Timberwolves have never had an easy season start schedule. So why are we (filling in a grim emotion like anger/frustration/etc here) with the team’s 4-3 record so far?

The Minnesota Timberwolves roster is a work in progress and was accepted as such into the final pre-season game as the top five alternates stepped onto the basketball court exactly to play basketball for the first time. The fact that the Timberwolves came into November 2022 with only a 4-3 record is disappointing to some people. But it’s better than I expected with what we now know about the quality of opponents on the Timberwolves schedule through October 2022.

If we were expecting a sunny day, how would it feel to complain about a sun tan that didn’t sunbathe if the weather turned out to be thunderstorms and torrential rain that day?

Even the mighty Golden State Warriors, a near-unanimous team returning to the NBA Championship this season, started the season at 3-4.

For what it’s worth, the NBA Northwest Division is the most competitive division in the NBA that emerged in October 2022. The combined record for the five teams is 22-12. No team has a sub-500 record yet. Will this continue throughout the 2022-23 NBA season? Mostly not. But we know Timberwolves will have a number of issues to work on during a long 82 game season.

The Minnesota Timberwolves may have been better than expected, and the real problem so far is that we set excessive expectations for the team against powerful enemies. In short, the problem is probably what we wanted from them, not what they provided.

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