How healthy is your vagina these days? More specifically, the vaginal microbiome? Uh.

Sometimes, it can be embarrassing to get checked out (despite the fact that we know that’s the patriarchal system that keeps our brains in the stifling vulva), or simply don’t have time to get regular testing for whatever’s going on there. .

London-based women’s health startup Dai has launched a tampon-based at-home vaginal microbiome screening kit. You may already know the brand of their CBD tampons that claim to give you a pain-free period.

Said to be a first of its kind, the tampon set is unlike a regular test, and saves you a trip to your GP. This kit helps confirm if you have a vaginal infection such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis (BV), and it can also tell you if your microbiome is malfunctioning – this could put you at greater risk of sexually transmitted infections, vaginal infections, gynecological cancers and complications Fertility and IVF. Monitoring your vaginal microbiome also means you’re more compatible with issues like endometriosis and PCOS – health issues long marginalized by the gender health gap.

But what on earth is a microbiome and why should we consider its health, you ask? Essentially, the vagina is home to billions of good and bad bacteria, which make up the vaginal “microbiome.” Using a tampon can improve the accuracy of test results, as the tampon collects a “larger” and more extensive sample of a long, frightening swab.

As Day stresses, it’s important to raise standards in gynecological health and for women to monitor their monthly, sexual, hormonal and reproductive health, as if left, you may miss important health markers.

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The Tampon Checking Kit aims to make the whole experience more comfortable, easy and enjoyable in the comfort of your own home – no long swabs or bats required, just the little tampon

Valentina Milanova, Founder of Daye, says tampon use is a familiar element that removes fear of use and testing: “By redesigning the tampon, we have made testing more intuitive, user-friendly and more accurate. We want to empower women and AFAB individuals to better understand and monitor their gynecological health Women are often concerned about visiting their GP regarding their vaginal health and at-home testing options have long been dominated by hard-to-use painful swabs.”

You can think of it like the Covid testing kits that have become a ritual during the lockdown – just for… the vulva. The test kit is delivered to your door, where you can collect a sample and send it back to an accredited laboratory for analysis.

How does the vaginal microbiome screening kit work? Step by step guide…

  1. Get a test kit. Request a one-time test or sign up for regular pre-screening.
  2. Take the sample. Insert and remove the tampon to easily collect a sample in the comfort of your home.
  3. Send the sample back to Dai. The tampon will be analyzed quickly and thoroughly in a UKAS accredited laboratory.
  4. Get your results online or on your phone. You can safely access your results and aftercare via your phone or online.
  5. Book post-treatment care with a specialist if needed. Personal or virtual appointments with specialists can be made via the Daye platform. Medications can be ordered via a digital pharmacist who prescribes prescriptions and people can also get personalized treatment options and healthy lifestyle hacks based on the results.
    1. The Daye stopper arrives at a sustainable sugarcane applicator, ensuring smooth insertion. It is also organic, meaning that it is free of dyes, pesticides and perfumes.

      Vulvar people – let this be your reminder to check your health, everywhere, more often!

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