• The South African Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture plans to hold a four-day workshop on social cohesion.
  • The workshop will be attended by advocates of social cohesion, who “embodies the principles of nation-building”, and officials in the ministry.
  • Prior to arrival, all 40 participants will receive a copy of Spencer Johnson’s book Who Moved My Cheese? A bestselling motivational business story.
  • They will then have a karaoke night, where everyone is a winner, and a morning of aerobic exercise before finishing the workshop with a photo shoot.
  • In between, participants will go on team building trips and come up with the best way to bring the South Africans together.
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The Social Cohesion Workshop organized by the National Sports, Arts, and Culture Administration (DSAC) aims to empower nation-building advocates through karaoke, exercise, photoshoots, self-help books, team trips and presentations.

Forty participants will travel to Johannesburg for a four-day workshop on social cohesion and nation building. This workshop will be attended by DSAC representatives and “social cohesion advocates,” who are “appointed based on their standing and the meaningful role they play in various sectors of society.”

These Defenders of Social Cohesion (SCA) are “designated to be the embodiment of the principles of social cohesion and nation-building” and are tasked with “strengthening communities in the face of persistent racism”.

The workshop aims to “unify” the SCA and department members, prepare an action plan aligned with DSAC campaigns, identify proponents’ outputs, and create a marketing strategy for the work being done by the South African government.

These objectives and the exact details of the workshop, including the full itinerary, were disclosed in a request for quote published by DSAC on Thursday. While the summary lists event dates through the end of October, a note attached to the tender clarified that “new workshop dates will be communicated with the designated service provider.”

And while the application deals with conceptualizing, recording, and producing marketing content to promote the government’s social cohesion program and the advocates involved, it also details the day-to-day activities of the workshop.

Prior to arriving at the workshop, all participants will receive a copy of Spencer Johnson’s book Who Moved My Cheese? A bestselling motivational business story that will inform the missions of assigned tasks during the event. Upon arrival, participants will be given a notebook and an orange pen as a gift.

The Social Cohesion Workshop officially kicks off with a karaoke evening. The judges will decide the winning team, but the summary notes that “in reality everyone wins.” After a night of singing and dinner, participants will return to their accommodations, where their branded workout shirts await.

The second day of the workshop begins with an aerobics session as an introduction to the “I Choose 2 B Active” campaign. This is a project to promote a “physically active lifestyle”, and another tender issued by DSAC invited social media influencers to market virtual gym classes and community management activities.

After the exercise and breakfast, participants will introduce themselves and give a 15-minute ‘presentation’ supported by a presentation. The rest of the day will be spent reviewing frequently asked questions, social cohesion campaigns, and after-dinner work sessions.

The third day of the workshop will start with a team expedition, followed by a presentation of action plans.

The last day also begins with a team building journey. After breakfast, the SCA should answer, “How do we move the cheese?” Refer to Johnson’s self-help book. Participants will then review their output before the gathering to take pictures after dinner.

In addition to Johnson’s book, notepad, pen, and exercise shirt, participants will leave the workshop with some other gifts, including airline tickets, a branded USB stick, cooling mugs, safety pins blocking an embroidered version of the South African flag, and a magnetic LED light Branded.

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