Tuesdays are bad enough, so while the Bulls’ first seven games were far from perfect, we might as well mention a few positives.

  • The Bulls have already – shockingly – defeated the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics after winning 1-6 together against these two teams last season. DeMar DeRozan reached the 20,000 points threshold, and the Bulls’ seat was one of the best in the league. Let’s also not forget that Nikola Vucevic looked good in his recoil campaign, while Ayo Dosunmu continues to show flashes of breakthrough in his sophomore year. All good stuff!
  • Another thing I definitely didn’t expect is that the Bulls are currently ranked 13th defensively in the NBA. What has really been holding them back in many games are the offensive inconsistencies, as their effective percentage of field goals sits at a staggering 25th in the league. However, the good news is that I am confident that this bull attack will ground a lot faster than I would have done in defense. Not only is Zach LaVine’s presence on the ground constantly pushing that number in the right direction, but DeMar DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic are simply too talented to be bulls in the bottom third for very long.
  • Anyway, if you want the positive vibes to continue, I recommend watching the latest episode of All-Access. The team shared some great behind-the-scenes clips of this clip, including Ayo Dosunmu, Dalen Terry, and Justin Lewis singing Marco Simonovic A Very Happy Birthday:
  • The episode also reminds us of Goran Dragic’s acquaintance with two of his fellow gangsters on the bench. While his experience alone is a benefit to the team’s second unit, we can’t forget that he has already scored his fair share of minutes with both Derek Jones Jr and Andre Drummond prior to this season. Dragic played with Drummond in Brooklyn during the second half of last season, and was a better fit with Jones during three seasons in Miami. In the All-Access episode, Dragic claimed that he originally added a lob pass to his arsenal due to his previous time with Jones.
  • In fact, if the Basketball-Reference lineup data is correct, Dragic played around 452 minutes with Jones during the striker’s time with the Heat. I don’t think there is any question that can be considered an advantage for both players, especially Jones, who is trying to play a more consistent role on the bench.
  • The Chicago Bulls have officially dropped Andre Drummond for tonight’s battle with the Brooklyn Nets. Given how strong he is at the start of this season, any game without the big man in the back is problematic, but that feels especially true tonight. One of the biggest areas that can be exploited against the Nets is the recoil division. They have amassed the league’s worst REB% to date, which makes placing the bottom half in the opponent’s second chance points not surprising. Not having Drummond to help take advantage of this deficiency is frustrating.
  • The most annoying thing is that the Nets seat didn’t offer much of anything. They had a 9- worst net rating in the NBA and scored the second-lowest number of points per game. It’s hard not to think that a full Bulls healthy seat would be the difference in this game.
  • I don’t want to continue with this just yet because Patrick Williams has actually looked a lot more comfortable in the last games. But I have to wonder how long Donovan will have to wait to consider the green in the starting lineup. The slow start was a killer early-season for this Bulls side, and we all know the kind of instant energy Green can bring to the ground. Again, I’m not sure we see any changes tonight, but I think this will be something to watch out for throughout the week.
  • Zach Lavigne is good to go tonight, but he’ll be sitting in tomorrow’s game against one of the NBA’s most intricate offenses.
  • Just like when the Bulls’ new system took over, the mid-season house cleaning is here for the Bears!

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