Philadelphia 76er Therese Maxi is one of the top young scorers in the league and he continues to grow. In his third season, he averages 23.3 points, shoots 51.1% from the ground and 45.3% from deep.

One of the main reasons for its effective gameplay is learning how to read defenses and score in pick-and-roll. The opposing defenses tried to hit Maxi in an attempt to get the ball out of his hands, and they tried to throw multiple defensive plans at him. But he always seems to figure out what the teams are doing and how he can respond.

In Monday’s win over the Washington Wizards, Maxi showed off his transformation and ability to reach the basket as he went on to score 28 points to lead the team to victory.

“It’s growing,” coach Doc Rivers told reports. “He really is. You can see that. In the first half, I thought he made some dirty plays, trying to force it. A lot is coming to him. You think about it the last time we played little ball, he had 40 points – whatever, so he’s He thinks ‘OK, this could be another one of those nights’ and then in the first half he was struggling. In the first quarter, he was really struggling, and then sort of collected himself and figured out how they were going to play with him and take advantage of him.”

As a curling iron, Maxey averages 6.3 points per NBA stat. That’s a solid number for a young goalkeeper still trying to make his way into the league.

“He’s very fast,” James Harden added. “He’s so fast. Obviously, I never want him to slow down, but there are moments when he can go from slow to fast or fast or slow and change his pace, and that’s what really breaks the team’s defenses. Once he gets that change of pace and a change of pace. direction, and then once the paint gets in, he’s really good at finishing the match.”

Maxi is very good at finishing. Now, the big key will be determining where his teammates are as well as where the defense will come from. Once he finds out, it will be very difficult to stop the regression.

“Then the next step is if he’s not able to finish, find or even figure out before taking off, figuring out where his teammates are, and that’s figuring out where the help defense comes from himself,” Harden concluded. “As a great young player, you have a lot of work to do. There are a lot of steps to take where he put the work in. He deserves it. So, for him, just keep going.”

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