A Salem Health employee is under investigation after a video was posted that appears to mock the voice of a patient in pain.

In a video posted to Twitter, the emergency department technician looks into the camera and appears alarmed as the patient can be heard moaning in pain off the screen.

The caption reads “When a patient has poor coping skills,” according to a screen recording of the tweet posted Monday morning.

The employee’s Twitter account and the original video have since been deleted. They did not respond to a request for comment via an Instagram message from the Salem Reporter on Tuesday.

the video It drew criticism on Twitter, and the TikTok of a popular user who interacted with the video had more than 500,000 likes as of Tuesday afternoon.

And Salem Health published in response to its accounts on social media on Monday evening, saying, “This person does not speak on behalf of Salem Health. The employee is under investigation and does not work during the investigation.”

The hospital verified that the person in the video was working as an emergency department technician when the investigation began. They have an active state-listed CNA license, due to expire in January 2024.

Salem Reporter did not name the employee because the investigation was not completed and no disciplinary action was taken.

The employee identified in the video is being investigated for violating the hospital’s patient privacy and social media policies, according to an email from Lisa Wood, a spokeswoman for Salem Health.

The hospital’s social media policy states that staff must not post any patient experiences or materials that “can reasonably cause community members to lose confidence in the quality of patient care we provide,” even without including PHI.

The policy also advises against posting any photos or videos taken on hospital property while working, according to an email from Wood.

“The safety, privacy and care of our patients is a top priority for Salem Health, and we do not tolerate activities or behaviors that undermine these principles. In everything we do, we strive to earn and protect the trust and confidence of the community. The caregivers working at Salem Health are expected to live by the values ​​of compassion and empathy. “This careless act does not reflect the attitude of Salem Health or the hardworking and dedicated caregivers who work here,” the emailed statement said.

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