Phil Mickelson, pictured here, used the Bryson vs. Brooks Match, holiday break as an opportunity to launch Twitter again.

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When Phil Mickelson talks — or tweets — it’s often worth taking a closer look. Does he say something because he means it? Because he enjoys the conversation? Or maybe because there is potential for huge financial gain?

Enter Mickelson’s final two weeks of 2021, as it appears on social media. Although Lefty has been on Twitter almost regularly since joining the app over three years ago, this app has felt more targeted than some of the others. Mickelson decided to delve into two hot button issues, first Thanks Elon Musk To pay $11 billion in taxes and then later by asking some open questions about Covid-19.

He wrote on December 23: “Serious question because I’m not a doctor.” “If omicron is contagious but not fatal (25,000 cases in Africa without deaths) why are we trying to control it? Why not let it go and let people get it and develop their immunity? Especially for those who aren’t vaccinated? Please don’t hate, I’m just curious.”

Was Mickelson really curious? Does he get a kick out of kicking a hornet’s nest? Or was he listening to the year-end numbers on the Player Impact Program, the “PIP” I’ve heard so much about. If that was the intent, well, it worked. More than 6,000 people have responded to Mickelson as of the time of this writing. More than 11,000 have retweeted or quoted it. More than 56000 liked it. Enthusiastic discussion (and much else) raged in the responses.

Mickelson has been away from the app all week. First, he posted an optimistic message about the future of his Los Angeles Chargers (although his timing was rough because he was in the midst of losing to the Houston Texans):

He weighed in on the banned green books:

Then came the real dip: Mickelson announced he’d won a PIP award. At least, that’s how most people read it. But with Mickelson, there’s always an opportunity to tweet to entertain himself – or to improve him financially.

After all, wasn’t the competition supposed to extend until the end of the year? golf week It stated that according to a Tour spokesperson, the program runs for a year through December 31, and a number of metrics have delayed their reporting. If there is a reporting lag and Tiger Woods is No. 2 in the standings, his PNC Championship showing could definitely affect things. In other words, Mickelson could be off skates — or he could be exactly where he wanted to be.

At first he asserted that his victory was real:

He then mocked Tiger Woods (and himself) after letting it slip that Woods had finished second.

But perhaps Elon Musk’s tweet was more than just advice. Perhaps it was a reference to Mickelson’s inspiration. Can Lefty move the markets with his tweets? Shawn Zack suggested that Mickelson was seeking to tweak his signals – and Mickelson seemed to agree.

Mickelson then reached out in a tweet to Max Homma, who announced that he had missed the top 10 in the PIP.

Also, try tweeting about hot political issues. This also works,” he wrote.

Player Impact is a $40 million prize pool awarded to ten players at the end of the year. Search engine traffic, TV time, global media interest, Q-Score and yes, social media engagement are all factors in the ranking. Although the tour has not planned to release the final ratings, it is expected to be sent to tour membership in February.

We’ll see if the name Mickelson is still at the top of the list.

Oh, and while we’re at it: Mickelson explored a few other topics in his days of Twitter connections, including his thoughts on small tour subsidies:

…Explore the Mooney Golf Scene in San Diego:


…and Arizona Saint’s chances against Wisconsin:

Tweet Phil. After all, these scales are restarted in the new year!

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