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It’s been two weeks since the NBA season started, and it was time for me to make an early prediction.

First, let me tackle the elephant in the room…Los Angeles Lakers. They actually got off to a slow start due to the lack of three-point shooters. The Lakers should trade Point Guard Russell Westbrook as he does not match well with forwards LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

I don’t know who Westbrook wants, but they should hear calls from other teams to find out their options. In the end, I think the Lakers could end up in the bottom half of the Western ConferenceAnd the They are not ready for the tournament. I think they’ll end up between the fifth and eighth seed in the West.

And can Anthony Davis stay healthy for a full 82 games? I’ve never seen any superstars permanently injured or available to play. He’s off to a good start in terms of health so far. Hopefully he can stay healthy as he is a vital component of any success in Los Angeles.

In terms of predicting the NBA Finals, I think it will be the Golden State Warriors versus the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Warriors has the best top-down roster in the league and a great mix of veterans and young players on the team. Of course, the Big Three of the Warriors, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, are still the same, making the team hard to beat.

But the depth on the bench separates the Warriors from the rest of the league. Guards Jordan Bull and Donte Divincenzo can provide command for the second unit. I like the steady growth and development that Jonathan Kominga and James Wiseman have achieved so farAnd the And I think by the time we get to the playoffs, they will be ready for the power of the playoffs.

But of course, when you’re discussing Warriors basketball, you have to mention the two brilliant brothers, Carey and Thompson. In my opinion, the two best bowlers ever played basketball. I think they’ll have their regular, consistent season.

Curry will average his usual index of 25 in-game and 40% off the shape of the three-point line. Hopefully Thompson can get back to his normal form from three years ago. The Warriors is the league’s most closely run organization with Bob Myers as general manager and Steve Kerr as head coach. They always fill in the blanks on their team with players who fit right in with their system.

In the Eastern Conference, I had a hard time choosing coins. However, I do believe in Giannis Antetokounmpo, aka “The Greek Stranger”. He is now the owner of all major franchise records and one of the major stars in the league. I’ve always been a fan of Antetokounmpo because of his loyalty and commitment to bringing a championship to Milwaukee. I think the Bucks have veteran players like Brock Lopez and Giroud Holiday, who give an uncompromising defense.

For the Bucks to return to the Finals, the key is Chris Middleton. He is an instant 20-point scorer who assists Antetokounmpo in clutch moments due to his shooting ability. The only team that will stand in their way is the defending champion Boston Celtics. Striker Jason Tatum and goalkeeper Jaylen Brown of the Celtics will be a tough match for the Bucks, but I think the Bucks can win the best of seven series if everyone stays healthy.

The Bucks vs Warriors match will bring rankings with co-stars. I expect Bucks 3 to winresearch and development Starring in franchise history with Antetokounmpo bringing him back 2second abbreviation Most Valuable Player Cup Finals.

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