Milo Bryant is an experienced performance coach and journalist. He’s also in his fifties – and his book Unable to stop after 40 It gives you a roadmap for doing more than just staying active as you “mature”. Milo trains hard and recovers better so he can do what he wants when he wants. Get ready to use his tactics to become unstoppable. This is not your father’s middle age.

Aging is inevitable, and men over 40 can really feel the effects of their extra birthdays if they ignore the simple maintenance chores needed for healthy joint function. Think of it this way: You wouldn’t expect a classic car to run like the day it started without a lot of TLC over the years. Why not give your body the same level of attention?

This doubles for the hip joint. It bears some or most of your body weight while standing, sitting, walking, running, jumping, squatting, backing, dancing and more. Your hips are being used while reading this – unless you are lying flat.

If you are an act You happen to be lying flat, however, you are actually in an ideal position to perform a great exercise that helps strengthen the glutes, which in turn will play a huge role in healthy hip function. It’s called the Comerford Hip Complex (designed by Australian physical therapist Mark Comerford), and it’s used to put your hips into their stride. The hip is a ball joint where the head of the thigh bone (tibia bone) sits in the acetabulum, a cavity in the pelvic bone. The joint should move smoothly in all directions. cannot be turned off after 40

Unable to stop after 40 cannot be turned off after 40

The Comerford Hip Complex, which is performed three times a week on each side of your body, goes a long way toward helping a man over the age of 40 maintain healthy joint function for optimal performance.

How to do Commerford Hip Complex

This five-part series will help strengthen the glute muscles, which are essential for healthy hip function.



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Lie on your left side with your knees bent at a 45-degree angle. Your right leg should be stacked on top of your left leg and your knees and feet should be touching. Keeping your feet together, raise your right knee as high as you can without moving your hips. Hold for 3 seconds, then lower your right leg to the starting position.



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Start in a shell position, knees together. Keeping knees together, lift your right leg and foot a few inches off your left leg. Hold for 3 seconds, then lower your right leg to the starting position.

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Starting in a shell position, raise your right leg so that the knee and foot are about 6 inches above your left knee and foot. Keeping your right foot stationary, raise your right knee. Hold for 3 seconds, then close your right leg and lower it to the starting position.

Reverse shell opening


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Starting in the open shell position, keep your right knee in place as you lift your top foot. Hold for 3 seconds, then close your right leg and lower it to the starting position.

Hip extension with rotation


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Starting in the open shell position, extend your right leg behind you, keeping it parallel to the floor. Your right knee should remain bent. Lift your right foot and hold it for 3 seconds, then lower it to touch the floor.

Best Training Signals for Comerford Hip . Complex

● Make sure your hips are on top of each other.

● Push the lower knee into the floor.

● Make sure there is no pain in the thigh before doing this exercise. Good tightness. Pain is not. See a physical therapist or other movement specialist if you have hip pain.

Useful advice for the Commerford hip complex

Slower. Make every movement under control. This is not a race, so don’t try to overtake it quickly. Take three seconds to go up And the Three seconds to get down on each rep. Feeling the burn in this is a good thing!

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