Lunit said it plans to present 11 summaries — eight oral presentations and three presentations — related to artificial intelligence (AI) medical image analysis solutions during the Radiological Society of North America 2022 (RSNA 2022).

Lunit Insight CXR (left) and Lunit Insight MMG.
Lunit Insight CXR (left) and Lunit Insight MMG.

In particular, the company will reveal the results of real-world data research that has applied Lunit Insight MMG, a mammography image analysis solution, to actual medical sites.

“Unlike existing retrospective studies on past records that have already been described, the next presentation will be a prospective study conducted in the context of a patient’s treatment,” the company said.

Other presentations involving Lunit Insight MMG include a study comparing the cancer prognosis rate of Lunit Insight MMG and Lunit Insight Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, a three-dimensional (3D) mammography image analysis solution, a study evaluating the area under the Lunit Insight MMG curve in Women who have used the breast cancer screening program in a particular country.

The company will also make presentations related to Lunit Insight CXR, a chest x-ray analysis solution, including a study of results for pulmonary nodule detection rates among the group with or without Lunit Insight CXR for screened examinees. in Korean hospitals.

Lunit said it will also unveil research presentations related to its new, next-generation products during the conference.

“The company has underlined the changing state of medical AI research in academia, with eight out of 11 research summaries that Lunit plans to present during RSNA 2022 as oral presentations,” said Lunit CEO Suh Beom-seok. “For meaningful conference research outcomes that lead to business outcomes, Lunit plans to actively conduct business networking by setting up a special booth in the RSNA 2022 exhibition hall.”

RSNA, which is celebrating its 108th anniversary, will take place from November 27 to December 1 in Chicago. It is the largest radiology conference in North America, with more than 50,000 people from all over the world participating in the conference, including academics, medical experts and officials of biotechnology companies.

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