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The Los Angeles Clippers entered the 2022-23 NBA season knowing they will have some mobility restrictions ahead of time. This is the team where injuries fell last season, so they have a number of players in their rotation this season whose minutes will be monitored for a few weeks, and eventually ramp up.

One such player is All-Star, Kawhi Leonard. Leonard injured his knee during the second round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs against the Utah Jazz. He missed the entire 2021-22 campaign as a result because the Clippers won’t get him back on the field.

Los Angeles has bigger plans than winning games in October because they are among the real contenders for the NBA Finals this season. But, there must be some concern about Leonard’s knee because he doesn’t seem to be doing well.

Unbeknownst to anyone outside the organization coming on opening night, Leonard was limited to the scheduled minutes and they decided to take him off the bench. He has played in only two of the team’s seven games this season and is set to miss at least two more.

Latest NBA news and rumors: Kawhi Leonard & LA Clippers updates

Leonard is dealing with stiffness in his surgically repaired right knee and will not travel with the team on their next trip to Texas where they will visit the Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs. While coach Tyronn Lue said Leonard is feeling better, he will miss at least six games in a row now.

“It’s frustrating,” he told me before the Clippers faced the Rockets. “He wants to be on the ground and then not be on the ground, and then he can’t travel now. He wants to travel, but the doctor said it wasn’t the right thing to do now with the stiffness and what he’s going through.”

Latest NBA news and rumors: Kawhi Leonard & LA Clippers updates

The Clippers got off to a slow start as they were aged 3-4. There is a lot to iron out as the team tries to find rhythm with some new faces in town and players returning from long layoffs. John Wall is another player restricted to minutes because he didn’t play last season either when the Rockets searched for a business partner that would play him.

Leonard has put in a lot of work over the past 15 months to get back on the field, so it’s easy to understand his frustrations. It wasn’t the first time he’s dealt with a lengthy injury rehab in his career, but it sure is the time he’s struggled more to come back from it.

Latest NBA news and rumors: Kawhi Leonard & LA Clippers updates

The next possible time we’ll see Leonard on the field is Sunday when the Clippers play the Utah Jazz.

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