Hailing from Letohatchee, a small town in Lowndes County, Alabama with a population of just over 1,100 people, rookie Celtics guard J.D. Davison is familiar with living in a tight-knit community like Portland.

“I do all the same things here as I did in my hometown,” Davison said. “I really play basketball and enjoy my family, which makes it easy for me to be myself no matter where I am.”

Boston’s only pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, Davison will be on a two-way contract, along with Mfiondo Capengel, for his first season as a professional. Davison and Maine Celtics will open the season Friday, November 4, at the Portland Fair. Buy tickets.

While the goal of all NBA players is to spend as much time in the NBA as possible, Davison will still look to improve every day and develop all aspects of his game while presenting fans at the show with his in-court view, edge-to-edge pastures and explosive open-air sports. .

Only a handful of rookies in each draft category are chosen by teams with real aspirations for the championship—after the NBA Finals kick off, Boston is poised to position itself as contenders once again with Jason Tatum and Jaylene Brown at the helm. Along with the Celtics’ All-Star Wings pairs, Marcus Smart, Malcolm Brugdon and Derek White, Defensive Player of the Year for 2021-22, make up one of the most impressive backyards in the NBA. While with Boston during the summer league, and just before the start of the season and the start of the regular season, Davison was able to pick up some pretty much time spent around a group of veterans trying to suspend Banner Eighteen.

“Going into the game with a defensive mentality no one will score on you, no one will be able to beat you, just having that mentality is big,” Davison said. “And these guys, they go out there and they know their role where, at the end of the game they know who needs the ball and they know where all the other team players are going to be. They are point guards too, so I just watch these guys and learn from them.”

Davison is the youngest Maine Celtics player by far, turning 20 in October. He will lead the Maine Celtics from the position of point guard – from Tim Frazier to Chris Clemons, the Maine franchise has a remarkable history of developing young ball players. From a purely sporting standpoint, JD Davison is ready to give a show at the Portland Expo this season.

The Maine Celtics play two games on the show this weekend, including a family-friendly game on Sunday, November 6. Maine will play a full schedule of 24 home games this season, and all tickets can be purchased through a visit. MaineCeltics.com.

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