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1) The 76ers’ slap on the wrist shows it’s time to reconsider the tampering rule

Daryl Morey would do it all again, exactly the same way, and live with the score 100 times out of 100.

He’s not alone: ​​If two second-round picks were the price to round out a competing roster, another 29 GM would have done the same.

This is why the Tampering Rule and its enforcement need to be reviewed and amended as part of the new CBA.

Potential tampering with the 76ers was the focus of the NBA’s four-month investigation that ended on Monday. The league announced that it had “nulled” the Philadelphia 76ers’ selections for the second round in 2023 and 2024 due to last summer’s messes with PJ Tucker and Danuel House, Jr. , saying they spoke to them before the July 1 deadline.

Of course they did – everyone talks to everyone before July 1st. Unless Morey is the rule, not a one-time violation of the rule. The rules of messing around in the NBA are a lot like speeding on the highway – everyone does it, just don’t stand out and get caught. Why do you think there is a rush of deals in the first 24 hours of free agency? If GM doesn’t have two decades of free dealership verbal agreements before the free dealership is officially opened, it is neglected.

What Morey and the 76ers did is an excellent example — and an example of error in the rule.

If you remember, he picked James Harden in June of the last year of his $47.4 million contract and became a free agent. Morey quickly used the cover space created to sign PJ Tucker to a three-year mid-level exception contract (announced for one minute in free agency) and soon after signing Danuel House Jr. “What’s left” of the space the 76ers had under the hard hood, or $33 million this season (with a player option for next summer, or he could become a free agent).

Did Morey and his players’ agents orchestrate that free agency dance before the June 30 window opened? Of course it was.

But so what?

Both Tucker and House seasons ended when their teams were eliminated from the playoffs. While his NBA contract technically runs until June 30, once the Heat’s playoff season ended his duties, he was waiting for free agency. Why can’t his agent talk to the other teams once he’s been eliminated? It won’t affect his playing on the field, and he’ll be a free agent in a month.

There is a place for the tampering rule with players who are still under a valid contract. For example, teams should not be able to call the Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo today and try to get him to come play with them one day.

However, once the Bucks season and playoff round (whenever that is) is over, representatives of the free agent for Khris Middleton should be able to talk to the other teams and discuss deals. The season is over, what’s the harm? (For the record, everyone in the league expects Middleton to re-sign in Milwaukee, but he will have options if he wants to test the market.)

And that doesn’t even reach players who are recruiting other players, which is technically messy but rarely enforced by the league.

The current NBA rules of thumb are nearly unenforceable and both teams and agents boast about them. Enter the rule in the modern era, and allow agents/players and other teams to speak once their season is over. Draw a better and clearer doodling line – then enforce that line. But don’t maintain the absurd status quo.

2) Fans sit on the field at a Nets game wearing anti-anti-Semitism jerseys, Durant watched drop 36

The Brooklyn Nets secured a much-needed win thanks to Kevin Durant’s continued MVP-level play, losing 36 points to the rowdy Pacers on Monday night.

This is not what everyone was talking about.

A group of Geode Nets fans sat on the field in Brooklyn wearing the “Fighting Anti-Semitism” T-shirts. This comes on the heels of Kyrie Irving’s entry into another controversy when he shared a link to a movie – “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America” ​​- considered anti-Semitic and full of other misinformation.

Vincent Carchetta – USA TODAY Sports

Irving took the highway.

Irving said he is an all-religious convert and defended his right to post what he saw fit on social media, but after Nets owner Joe Tsai criticized him and talked about it with the team, he removed the tweet.

3) Watch Paul George drain the match winner, and get the Clippers to win

The Clippers’ offensive has been horrific this season, the second-worst attack in the NBA, as they try to blend last season’s ball movement and divergence with the intense isolation patterns of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

But the Clippers bowed to George in isolation when they needed and got a game winner on Monday – George hit a game-winning base jump over Eric Gordon with 6.2 seconds left, ultimately giving the Clippers a 95-93 win.

George finished with 35 points, and only two other Clippers – Ivica Zubak at age 16 and Marcus Morris at 11 – scored in double digits. Kevin Martin Jr. led the Rockets with 23 off the bench.

There are two more things to know: 1) Pascal Siakam was still hot early in the season and scored 31 goals when the Raptors defeated the Falcons. That’s a good win for the Raptors in what will be a tight East (the Hawks and Pacers are 4-3 so far).

2) The Jazz team has not calmed down, they beat the Grizzlies 121-105 and are now 4-0 at home and 6-2 overall. The healthy Lauri Markkanen continues to put up numbers for jazz and had 31 in that number. Ja Morant is still a force of nature and had 37 on the loss.

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