Now former Boston Celtics coach Emi Odoka is expected to be named as the new head coach for the Brooklyn Nets.

Odoka, 45, will leave the Celtics franchise in disgrace, after allegations of sexual misconduct stripped him of his position with the East Conference champ.

Shams Al Shaaraniya Athlete I reported the news.

Steve Nash was removed from his position as the Nets’ first man earlier today after a poor 2-5 record, which saw losses at the bottom of the league as the Indiana Pacers. After inquiring with other internship candidates such as Quinn Snyder, formerly of the Utah Jazz, in Tweet Adrian WojnarowskiUdoka was ushered in the lead in a short time.

Ime Udoka turned the season over to the Celtics in the 2021-22 campaign. By New Year’s Day, they were under 0.500, setting a fading record 17-19. They went right, closing the season with wins in 34 of their last 46 games. They became the third team in league history to go under 0.500 exactly in the middle of the season, and finished above 0.600 by the end of the season.

If there’s any coach who can get around the season, quickly, it’s Odoka. His focus on defense was prevalent last year, with Boston best at narrowing offenses, conceding just 104.5 points per game. Boston also named Defensive Player of the Year Marcus Smart. Odoka pushed his troops to do dirty work, ranking 10th in drawn counts and second in loose balls.

Currently, the Nets are ranked 28th in the league in defense, as they are one of only four teams to cough up 120 points or more to their opponent. They allow the second most three-pointers per game (14.7), and again they are only one of four teams that allow opponents to shoot 40 percent or better from depth.

There is also an effort problem in Brooklyn, where they are tied for fourth in the opponents’ offensive rebounds per game. Most disturbing is Ben Simmons. The curling didn’t get the best of the Australian star, and he showed it.

Simmons only raises 5.7 shot attempts per game. He’s taken 11.5 shots in every game of his career. There’s clearly something wrong with him, and it’s not just a rumored fear of going to the free throw line.

With a plethora of issues on both sides of the ball, and with his third-best player, Udoka would have his work cut out for changing that franchise. But if his history translates into the future, his men will work in practice to the point of nausea, so that the emphasis is on defense, perseverance, and effective attack, and is carried out according to the standards.

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