Stephen Curry is almost unanimously considered the greatest shooter in NBA history.

He has a record 3,155 three times and counting. Curry’s release changed the way the game was played, with teams now prioritizing spacing and shooting above anything else. However, Carrie is not just an elite shooter. He is also considered by many to be one of the greatest soccer players of all time.

Stephen Curry is not the biggest or most athletic player, but he is able to weave defenses using his narrow handles, which he works on constantly. He often uses his speed and dexterity to get past defenders on the periphery of the Premier League. On top of that, he has great footwork and balance, which allows him to fall back quickly and strike a three-way away from dribbling.

One of Curry’s greatest ball-handling skills is his ability to take advantage of hesitation movements. He often looks up as if he’s about to shoot and brings his hands into the rally movement before he gets past his pen.

The fact that he’s a GOAT shooter obviously forces defenders to shut down any potential Carrie birdie, but his ingenuity also goes a long way. Curry often uses plays like this as an opportunity to get in on the paint and either finish the interior or find a teammate open to the ocean.

Curry also makes great use of moves and crossovers from behind, which also help him get past defenders. This often leads to some of the best and memorable plays of his career.

Overall, given the structure of his body, Curry basically maximized his potential. It’s hard to imagine a 6-foot-2 guard surpassing Curry in terms of overall offensive impact.

His pedigree is also a big reason why he is now serving as one of the faces of the NBA. It’s also what probably helped Carey become the next generation’s biggest influence.

What is Stephen Curry’s rating among the greatest soccer players of all time?

Brooklyn Nets All-Star guard Keri Irving and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry
Brooklyn Nets All-Star guard Keri Irving and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry

When most fans think of the great NBA ball players of all time, a few names usually come to mind. These are some of the most glamorous bouncers like Kyrie Irving and Allen Iverson who look like they have the ball in a thread. However, Stephen Curry still stacks up against them when it comes to the top ten lists.

For example, Curry was ranked fourth on the list of Top Ten Ball Players of All Time List last year. Only Curry, Irving, Iverson, and Isaiah Thomas were behind. Some ratings have other glamorous guards like Chris Paul, Jamal Crawford, and Derek Rose over Carrie. However, there seems to be a consensus that Curry is in the top five range.

One thing that separates Stephen Curry from many GOAT ball players, though, is that he’s not overly dependent on his handles. Curry is rarely overdone. Instead, it’s calculated, brief, and makes every quirk count. He uses his dribbling wisely to get to his points as quickly as possible, making him unstoppable. It’s also a big reason why he’s now a four-time NBA champion.

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