Josh Green credits the marked improvement in his game around the basket to former NBA player Amir Johnson.Green color

“This summer I’ve worked with Prince Johnson a lot with the finish,” Green said after Tuesday’s training. “He was with the G League team in Vegas and he was a huge part of the (Toronto) Raptors’ success, he was a big part of it and he was an influential guy as well.”

Johnson, 35, played in the NBA from 2005-19, including with the Raptors from ’09 to 15. – ’15. The 6-9, 253-pound striker also played in the NBA G League Ignite from 2020 through last season.

He is in his third season with the Dallas Mavericks, said Green. “I feel like the movement of my feet around the basket has improved.

“If you do it wrong, Amir will stop it and he will talk a lot about (the hype). I really appreciate what he did.”

Green said that when he was tired and in the middle of his workout with Johnson. , his coach told him he needed to score 10 times against Johnson.

“It sounds easy, but it’s a challenge and (Johnson) is trying to kill you,” Green said. “He’s trying to block everything. I think he’s just hopping around on that.

“I realize I need to use my strength. I realize that if I jump into someone, it’s hard to challenge it vertically. My goal is to go through Green colorSomeone’s chest, and it’s hard to do anything against him. I think the biggest thing is to control the body and just make it happen.”

Thanks to Johnson’s help last summer, Green has been busy making it happen this season. The 6-5, 200-pound guard averages five points, 2.8 rebounds and 1.2 steals in just 15.5 minutes while being a de facto motivating rabbit for the Mavs.

The Mavs appreciate the way Green has raised their game this season while also proving to be a key player in their rotation.

“He’s playing great,” said coach Jason Kidd. “He deserves more minutes and we have to figure out how to give him more minutes. But he did everything we asked.

“He’s one of the guys we think – 50-50 balls – he’s going to come up with. He’s playing at a high level for us now.”

HARDY IN G LEAGUE: In order to have a few extra minutes under his belt, the Mavs commissioned rookie guard Jaden Hardy to play for the Texas Legends in the NBA.

“He’s in training camp now with the legends,” said coach Jason Kidd, “and I hope he gets minutes and takes advantage of that opportunity.”

Hardy played only in two of his first six MAF matches. He played the last six minutes of rotation during the 137-96 win over Memphis on October 22 and was goalless while he was 0 of 3 from the field.

Hardy also received four minutes in the second quarter of last Saturday’s game against Oklahoma City. In that match he was healthy andhardy It was 0 out of 2 out of the ground.

“We wanted to get a few minutes before he fell, so Oklahoma City was the match for that opportunity,” Kidd said. “It actually worked the way we wrote the script, but we wanted him to have a few minutes with the big league before he was relegated.”

The Legends opens its 50-game season with back-to-back games in Austin on Friday and Saturday, respectively. Their first home game is November 12th at 7:30pm in Frisco against Birmingham.

Right after graduating from high school last year, Hardy earned an average of 17.7 points while playing for the Ignite.

Doncy’s post: Luka Doncic clearly wears out defenders as he leads the NBA with 36.7 points per game.

But coach Jason Kidd is also impressed by his superstar goalkeeper’s ability to earn respect at the post.

“That’s another luxury for Luca to be able to post, to be able to play outside the position,” Kidd said. “Not just to score (in another), but to be able to play.

Luca“I think that is, again, one of his strengths being able to cut it so precisely. He did it really well in the last game (Sunday against Orlando).”

Then again, Doncic proved effective no matter where he was in court. But the influence he enjoys in his later game gives defenders something else to think about.

Kidd said one of the intangibles he’s looking for is to put Doncic on the position so he can “manage the attack from there where we can still look at triples or cutouts for a pass, or be the last and first option to look for on him to be aggressive.” in the registry.”

The seat is solid: The Mavs are thrilled to play off the bench in general and Christian Wood and Tim Hardaway Jr. in particular.

Wood is second on the team with scoring (16.7 points) and rebounding (8.2 rebounds)—while off the bench. Meanwhile, Hardaway is also a great player off the bench, ranking fourth on the team with 14.4 points per outing.

These two have helped the Mavs stay afloat while beginners receive some much-needed rest.

“We have quite a few players on the bench who can be big when you talk about Timmy and C Wood,” said coach Jason Kidd. “These guys can fill it up in a hurry.”

Wood started the season with three straight games with 23 or more points, while Hardaway scored 21 points in 27 minutes during Sunday’s 114-105 win over the Orlando Magic.

“You look at what Timmy did for us in the last game when he came off the bench,” Kidd said. “Someone said we have the first offense in the league, (and) we have a lot of players who can score the ball.Wood

“As we spoke today, we must improve on the defensive side. But it is good to have that luxury to have so many players who are on the bench and can score.”

the summary: Josh Green came to the interview session after training on Monday carrying an AFL football. Green, who was born in Sydney, Australia, said NFL “has been my main sport”. He said he went from being a top NFL player to a basketball player, “when I moved here (to the US), because there is no Australian football (in the US).” The Mavs 3-3) host the surprise Utah Jazz on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. The Jazz, who practically cleaned the house over the summer while trading All-Stars Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, finished third in the Western Conference with a 6-2 record.

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