Google My Business listings can now highlight the health and safety measures you’re taking to protect customers during the pandemic.

Making customers aware of the efforts that are being made to keep them safe can make all the difference in choosing one company over another.

The themes in your Google My Business profile are designed to grab searchers’ attention by highlighting important service offerings.

Researchers can use the traits to make informed decisions about where to visit.

New health and safety features that companies can add to their lists include:

  • Appointment required
  • Mask required
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff are subject to temperature check
  • Temperature check required

It has been reported that these themes are already beginning to appear on Google My Business listings on desktop and mobile.

These health and safety measures join an expanding list of features that Google has added as a direct response to the pandemic.

It could be argued that Google’s efforts to implement these changes have been rather slow, but I think it’s better than never bringing them up.

In case you missed some of the previous updates, here’s a look at all the new themes that have been added to Google My Business over the past several months.

Pandemic Google My Business Attributes

Features of local restaurants

Google started adding new GMB themes in response to the pandemic in May, starting with:

  • Pickup from the sidewalk
  • Offline delivery
  • eat in

These were introduced during the time when businesses were starting to reopen after a forced closure.

Themes instantly show which restaurants are open for business and how open they are.

So there is no guesswork on the part of customers when looking for restaurants to order from.

Online Services Features

Google continued to roll out new GMB themes in June with a focus on online services.

New features of online services include:

  • Online care
  • Online appointment
  • Online estimates
  • Online lessons

The importance of online services during this time has not diminished slightly since June. So these traits are still as relevant as ever.

When this update rolled out, I expected that we would soon see GMB related health and safety features:

“With businesses now beginning to reopen, I expect the next wave of traits will be related to corporate safety measures.

In the future, companies may be able to highlight whether masks are optional, for example.”

It took a few months to get these updates, but I was definitely right for the money.

What’s next for Google My Business attributes?

If I had to make another prediction, I think the next wave of traits would be related to the sites’ extreme capabilities.

As the weather gets colder, many restaurants and bars will have to close their patios.

When that happens, it will be important to know how many patrons are allowed into a particular site, how many people can sit at one table, etc.

This information can be used when planning a night out, especially for those venturing out in a group.

How to add themes to your Google My Business list

Businesses can add new themes, or existing ones, to their Google My Business listing by following these steps:

  • Sign in to Google My Business.
  • Open the site you want to manage.
  • From the menu, tap informations.
  • You find “Add tagsand click release.
    • You can search for the theme you want to add, or scroll through all the options available for your business.
  • When you have finished updating your themes, tap Progressing.

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