Senator Elizabeth Warren is concerned about the economy.

Spooked by the specter of recession, Warren and Congressman Stephen Lynch sound the alarm and urge action.

But they are not criticizing fellow Democrats for unbridled spending – they blame the Federal Reserve.

As the Government House News Service reported, the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates again on Wednesday after taking similar steps in an effort to rein in inflation.

Warren doesn’t have it and wants answers. So the Massachusetts Democrat and ten of his congressional colleagues wrote a letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. What are the plans to continue raising prices? What about the warnings of “pain” associated with higher rates and slower growth?

In the letter, Warren cited economists from both the left and the right who say the Fed is “squeezing the economy hard” by raising interest rates by 3 percentage points since March – the “fastest increase of this size since 1982” – and predicted further rate hikes this year and even year 2023.

Economists are a trustworthy group with advice to consider – when boosting your agenda. In the lead up to the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, about 230 economists wrote a letter to Congressional leadership arguing that the legislation would contribute to higher inflation.

In the letter obtained by Fox News Digital, they wrote that the US economy is at a “dangerous crossroads” and that the “inappropriately named Inflation Reduction Act of 2022″ will do nothing of the sort, and instead perpetuate the same fiscal policy mistakes that were It has helped precipitate the current worrisome economic climate.”

Democrats have not uttered the wisdom of these economists, nor have they heeded warnings about unbridled spending and ballooning debt.

But the rate hike by the Fed? This is another story.

“Bank of America expects unemployment to peak at 5.6 percent, which would mean a rise in the unemployment rate of about two percentage points over the next year and more than 3 million job losses,” the lawmakers wrote. A recent poll of economists predicts that the United States will enter a recession over the next 12 months at 63 percent, with 60 percent of forecasters surveyed agreeing that “the Fed will raise interest rates too much and cause needless economic weakness.”

The fact that the Fed is “squeezing the economy” because the Democrats put a brick on the throttle and pushed it down the slopes is of little importance. inflation? This is an evil soup created by Putin and the price gouging companies. The administration’s nearly $4 trillion spending is just a side note.

Lawmakers gave Powell two weeks to answer questions about expected job losses.

Rather than just asking questions, lawmakers should answer some of them as well. Why do we ignore so many warnings that government spending could lead to inflation? Why do you keep spending even as prices rise? And how can you justify big schemes like student loan debt forgiveness that will add so much to the national debt?

The Fed isn’t exactly an expert mover, but Democrats have to admit that they drove the economy into a pit.

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