The first edition of Football World Ranking For the 2022 season released Tuesday night, for the first time since the birth of this current format, Tennessee was named the best team in the country. The Volunteers, currently 8-0 with a win over No. 6 Alabama under their belts, now stare at the crucial meeting with Georgia No. 3 on Saturday at the SEC on CBS Game of the Week at 3:30 p.m. ET.

However, both the Vols and Bulldogs were expected to be placed in the top four. As the release came on Tuesday, most of the intrigue centered around the positioning of three other undefeated teams: Michigan, Clemson and TCU. Well, tigers and wolverines hammered in at numbers 4 and 5 respectively, while horned frogs – arguably for some – trailed Crimson Tide at seventh.

So who overestimated and who was underestimated in the first release of the CFP Rankings? lets take alook.

Overrated: Clemson

It was difficult to identify the tigers this season. One game, players look like the world. The next day, they look like protesters. DJ Uiagalelei quarterback has improved significantly from last year but is still close to the star he was described as when he dropped out of high school. In fact, the last time we saw tigers, Uiagalelei was on the bench for freshman Cade Klubnik.

They beat No. 20 Syracuse, No. 21 Wake Forest and No. 22 NC State, which is nice but not terribly worth mentioning. The schedule out of the conference so far has been Furman and Louisiana Tech, which don’t do much to support the Tigers’ cause. Clemson secured the top four due to her successful history in the CFP era. In fact, it is impossible to trust this team with a sample of eight matches.

Underrated: Michigan

What is the knockout blow against Michigan? The easy schedule that includes out-of-conference victories over Colorado, Hawaii and Ocon State? Okay, but she ran through that list with relative ease. It’s important that teams don’t underestimate the competition, and the only game the Wolverines have played is a 34-27 win over Maryland on September 24. . The Wolverines dominated 15th at Penn State 41-17 on October 15, which is far more impressive than anything Clemson has done.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. Michigan has games against No. 15 Illinois and No. 2 Ohio State to finish the regular season, which will really tell us how good Jim Harbaugh’s team really is.

Overrated: LSU

I have nothing but love for the Tigers and career coach Brian Kelly his first year at the helm of the team, but they shouldn’t be the first team to lose twice at this point. The committee likes to play on how complete the teams are, and LSU is still far from mentioned in that discussion. The specials were awful and were the main reason the Tigers lost to Florida State in the first week. The passing attack is still getting close to form, but quarterback Jayden Daniels has to show he can light the stat sheet in the air just a little bit more before this offense can be trusted.

The Tigers’ signature win is a 45-20 win over the No. 11 Ole Miss. Don’t get me wrong, coming back from a 17-3 deficit to control the Rebels was impressive, but that’s the only thing LSU can stick to its hat.

The college football world appears to have written off the Tar Heels in week one when he gave up 40 points in the fourth quarter for the Appalachian State and yet he still found a way to win. This is not fair at all. They’ve scored 35 or more points in seven of their eight games, and first-year coach Mac Brown has developed quarterback Drake May into a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate.

The 45-32 loss to unseeded Notre Dame on September 24 is the only drawback, and while that’s not ideal, it’s not like I’m pushing for the Tar Heels to be in the top 10. Number 17, however, is way too low for a Power Five loser one who forces his style on his opponent almost every week.

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Just right: TCU

TCU ranked seventh in my country 131- Nada And this is where the commission classified horned frogs as well. Yes, they beat No. 13 Kansas State and No. 18 Oklahoma, while No. 6 Alabama beat No. 24 Texas in Week 2. One could argue that the best point of his Alabama resume is: point, loss in the last second to top ranking in Tennessee.

That’s fine, but the TCU has dug itself huge holes against the Wildcats and Cowboys, and it’s no way to live — at least, not for the heavy-hitters. “Game control” is something the committee will consider, and the TCU’s control of the game over the past three weeks has been shaky at best.

“We are looking for a balanced team, attack and defense, and [TCU] “They’ve been late in some games. They’ve been able to come back and win those games,” said CFP Select Committee Chairman Bo Corrigan. “But when you look at Alabama — in wins against Mississippi State, in Arkansas, in Texas, obviously the three-point loss in Tennessee — it’s like a committee. We decided to go to Alabama #6 and TCU #7.”

In the end, it doesn’t matter. If the TCU turns the table, it will enter.

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