“I chose a play because I love it,” says Artistic Director Austin Shakespeare Anne Sisculella. “And often, if you do what you love, other people love it, too.”

She’s talking about Austin Shakespeare’s upcoming production of Feeling and sensitivity, a play dear to Ciccolella’s heart, but she admits it’s also likely to sell out a lot of tickets. “I have to say that I also have knowledge of that. Pride and prejudiceJane Austen’s second novel was the most attended. And when we came back from covid, we all thought Oh, people will really want to come to the shows! It’s a good idea to pick a show that people really want to watch, so here’s it Sensitivity and sensitivity. And these are the same adapters, Joe Hanredy and JR Sullivan, who wrote the mod we were doing for Pride and prejudice.”

Ciccolella is more than ready to put the production on a real stage again, with a live audience, after two years of production for a computer screen and Zoom audience. So does actress Corinna Browning, who plays Elinor Dashwood in this production. Well…with Zoom I felt like you could do some movie acting, which I really love because I always want to do really small, intimate things—and Ann always tells me, ‘Bigger! Larger! Larger! She says. “So I loved Zoom for that reason, but there is just something about the chemistry on stage. Experiencing that with someone and connecting with them and just having a greater range of feelings is really exciting and I missed that a lot. Just being with people was very nice.”

Cisculella agrees, saying, “We have 17 actors on our cast, and they’re so happy to be together!”

Browning says she really bonded with Elinor’s character and grew to love her, but the actor came in on it Feeling and sensitivity As a complete beginner to the world of Jane Austen. “You know, I had no experience for Jane Austen getting into this project,” she admitted with a laugh. “I started Pride, Prejudice and Zombies And I didn’t finish it. And that’s where we are with Jane Austen. Yes I know. My apologies to everyone who loves Jane Austen! But upon taking on the role, he loved Elinor Dashwood. I feel like – I tell Ann all the time – I feel like I have a lot in common with Elinor. She’s super intelligent, and thinks she knows the best of everyone in the world, which I sometimes admit. And she’s just a really sensitive person. She loves art, loves to draw, loves to support people. And so I feel like I have a great resonance with her.”

“I look forward to having the audience with us in the room,” Cisculella says. “Because things suddenly look different. You know, laughter is always a plus, and we know Jane Austen is pretty clever. But we also know she’s really impressive, and she goes from being super bright to the very dark kind quickly.”

Austin Shakespeare’s production of “Sense and Sensibility” runs November 11-27 at the Rollins Theater in the Long Center.

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