The frantic NFL 2022 trading deadline expired on Tuesday afternoon with 10 deals involving 12 players On the last day – some were executed by wire.

Perhaps none of it was his headline-grabbing last month featuring All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey. But when Bradley Chubb’s caliber changes headlines at the eleventh hour — especially when he ends up on a roster as loaded as Miami — the balance of power can change dramatically as Super Bowl odds are frantically reviewed.

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Time to decide the winners and losers from this year’s memorable deadline period:

The winners

San Francisco 49ers: By winning the McCaffrey lottery, they may have set themselves up for far more success than earning your standard mid-season fare. CMC’s impact was evident on Sunday against the Rams — after his first full week of training with the Niners — when he lunged toward him, passed him, and caught his landing while rising 149 yards from the melee. His presence could make the 49ers, who dropped a good quarter of football shy of the Super Bowl last season, the most dangerous team in the NFC by the time the post-season rolls around. On top of that, he’s under contract for three more seasons after this year and should help lighten the burden on QB Trey Lance when he takes back the reins from Jimmy Garoppolo in 2023. And while San Francisco likely won’t have much of a draft next spring, it could Redirecting the money saved from paying new starters to the massive Pro Bowl DE expansion Nick Bosa needs sooner rather than later.

Miami Dolphins: Their acquisition of Chubb from the Denver Broncos gives the Fins a formidable – albeit weak at the moment – team of pass racers that includes Jaylan Phillips, Melvin Ingram and Emmanuel Ogba. Miami’s 15 sacks are currently tied for 21st place in the league, while the pass defense is up to 26th overall. But Chap’s arrival makes everyone more dangerous – especially if he agrees to a new contract that will make him a long-term staple to terrorize Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes for years to come. A later move for RB Jeff Wilson, who was intimately familiar with this offense after playing for four years for new Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel in San Francisco, should well cement a ground game at number 28.

back tags: The defense that supports the thriving dolphin passers-by has become noticeably better. And Tagovailoa should also have peace of mind. While the 2022 season so far has been largely defined by the concussion controversy that drove him a month ago, there’s no denying that Tagoviloa is starting to emerge as the franchise midfielder drafted to be with the No. 5 pick of the 2020 draft. 279.7 yards per game is, by far, a career high – fueled by the arrival of WR Tyreek Hill – and his pass rating of 112.7 leads the league. But the Chubb deal means that the team that had two picks in the first round of 2023 three months ago – losing one in August to owner Stephen Ross manipulating Tom Brady and Sean Payton – now has none, meaning this organization certainly won’t. Be at the quarterback market again for a while.

Omar Khan: The new Pittsburgh Steelers general manager began putting his stamp on the struggling team with some impressive moves on Tuesday. He has removed No. 3 WR Chase Claypool, the second-placed in 2020, to the Bears for next year’s second-round pick – very likely to be in the top 40 overall given the way the Chicago season is going. Khan also fortified the faltering defense by removing veteran CB William Jackson from the hands of Washington’s leaders. The city of Pittsburgh has improved both in the short and long term.

Trevor Lawrence: The Jacksonville Jaguars’ low-risk, rewards gambit for suspended WR Calvin Ridley, who has missed at least the remainder of the 2022 season to bet on NFL games, could provide the #1 pick of the 2021 draft with a much-needed #1 wide… Assuming Ridley is reinstated and back in shape for 2020 (90 catches, 1,374 yards, 9 TDs).

Roquan Smith: The former Bears midfielder leaves a team he didn’t appreciate and joins the Ravens who should be in the midst of the Asian playoff mix. And showing his ability in Baltimore should be a great opportunity for Smith to focus on the expansion he wants, whether in Charm City or elsewhere.

Minnesota Vikings crime: Ness with two fourth-round picks and Pro Bowl TE TJ Hockenson over the following season for reasonable compensation, and the second- and third-round pick went to the Detroit Lions. Hockinson Might Not Be Rob Gronkowski’s Second Coming – Who Is? – But he could improve the ban in front of QB Kirk Cousins ​​and RB Dalvin Cook while making teams pay to double Pro Bowl WR Justin Jefferson. 6-1 Vikes are increasingly legitimate.

Deshaun Watson: Admittedly, you hate framing the Cleveland Browns quarterback who is still hanging on as a winner. But if he returns in five weeks, it won’t be up to a shattered squad of talent as RB Kareem Hunt and All-Pro RT Jack Conklin were among those rumored to be on the move.

Carolina Panthers: Dealing with McCaffrey and WR Robbie Anderson, GM Scott Fitterer replenished his sleeve of picks while maintaining a core of underappreciated young players including LT Ickey Ekwonu, CB Jaycee Horn, DT Derrick Brown, DE Brian Burns – all They still work on junior contracts, though Burns needs an extension — and WR DJ Moore, who collectively manages the top positions in non-central football. The Panthers, who seem likely to pick up so early in the 2023 draft, could be a very attractive job next year assuming their center carousel stops spinning.

Odell Beckham Jr.: The future of the super free agent has now seen where the chips have fallen and he must still have marquee options for his services once he decides to sign a deal. The Bills, 49ers, Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers and even the New York Giants – the original OBJ club – are still among the teams that could use assists at the receiver and potentially be viable deep into the season.

The 2022 NFL trade deadline wasn't particularly kind to Bills QB Josh Allen or his Packers counterpart Aaron Rodgers (12).

The 2022 NFL trade deadline wasn’t particularly kind to Bills QB Josh Allen or his Packers counterpart Aaron Rodgers (12).


Buffalo Bills: To be sure, considering them losers is relative. But can you imagine what the acquisition of McCaffrey or Alvin Kamara — the Bills making serious inquiries for both multi-purpose props, according to reports — could do to boost the franchise’s thrust 57 years after their last championship (a variety of AFL)? Their agreement with the Indianapolis Colts to quickly return and return Nyheim Hines is a wonderful consolation…even if the explosive but diminutive Hines is a situational player who can only handle so many touches. Meanwhile, Chubb’s move to the Dolphins, the only team to have defeated Buffalo this season, would certainly cement Miami as an imminent threat to the Bills and Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC.

Branden Chefs: A veteran of two Super Bowls and an experienced veteran who could have impacted almost any offense, the Chefs are stuck with the Houston Texans for at least a few more months…and possibly longer given that he is under contract through the 2024 season. According to ESPN. The Cowboys paid the chefs, but his guaranteed $18 million salary for 2023 was too much of a handicap.

Los Angeles Rams: The current champions were victorious over McCaffrey, and their stated offer of multiple first-round picks was turned down for Burns. With no one able to help with their ‘choices’, the Rams (3-4) may even be sprayed as they try to overcome various injury hurdles in order to defend the title. Also, coach Sean McVay now needs to figure out how to build a bridge back to exiled RB Cam Akers, for whom the move never materialized.

Elijah Moore: Unhappy and untargeted, the 2021 second-round pick was also unaffected, staying with the New York Jets despite having only picked up 16 balls this season.

Jared Goff: The Lions already had multiple picks from the first round in 2023 and they may now have all the ammo they need to replace the current quarterback with the ammo they truly aspire to in the long run.

Ryan Bowles: Chicago’s upstart GM has done a great job acquiring players like Smith and D. Robert Quinn, who weren’t part of the Bears’ future, for much-needed capital. But giving up Claypool’s second-round pick, even if the last-place pass offense in Chicago needed help, seemed like a huge access. Claypool hasn’t proven that he could be receiver number 2 invariably let alone 1 or 1A that would likely become the default in Windy City.

Zach Moss and Chase Edmonds: A day from the penthouse to the house for both runners. Moss is leaving Buffalo for Indianapolis as part of the Hines deal, while Edmunds is leaving South Florida for Denver as part of the Chap package.

Aaron Rodgers: The problem, dude. The struggling Packers made no move – although it’s almost universally accepted that they needed help at the receiver – on the day the Lions conspired to bolster the Vikings’ first-place NFC North title aspirations by sending Minnesota Hockenson. Overwhelmed by 3-5, if the post-season package’s viability wasn’t already seriously questioned, it sure is now.


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