Little Rock, Arkansas (KAIT) – Residents of rural Arkansas communities may get better access to health care, thanks to a new expansion.

On Tuesday, November 1, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced that an application to amend the state’s Medicaid program, Arkansas Health and Opportunity for Me (ARHOME), to include Life360 HOMEs has been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

According to a press release, Life360 HOMEs will address many of the challenges facing the most vulnerable residents of Arkansas, including people with high-risk pregnancies, serious mental illness and substance use disorder, youth at risk of poverty and the long-term poor. health outcomes.

The goal of the service is to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates across the state, close gaps in care for those with a diagnosis of SMI and SUD and increase active participation among those who improve their health and address health-related social needs, the governor said.

“These Life360 homes are an important component of the ARHOME program, and the additional services and support that they will provide to staffers throughout this state have the potential to make a profound impact on the health of our citizens,” he said. “Thank you to our federal partners and the teams at the Arkansas Department of Human Services for making this program a reality. I can’t wait to see the positive results you will have when it is fully implemented.”

There will be three types of Life360s to target specific demographics across the state.

  • mother’s life It will support women with high-risk pregnancies. Intensive care will be coordinated through prenatal and postnatal home visit programmes. Services will be provided during pregnancy and up to 24 months after the baby is born. Hospitals with maternity units can be Maternal Life360s.
  • rural life You will support individuals with mental illness or substance use disorder (SUD) who live in rural areas of the state by providing intensive care coordination through trainers working in rural hospitals. It also directly provides community screens for the health-related social needs of registered clients and will receive funding to operate the Acute Crisis Unit.
  • Life360s success It will support youth at high risk of long-term poverty and associated poor health outcomes due to participation in the foster care system, pre-booking, or participation in the juvenile justice system, and young veterans at risk of homelessness. Success Life360s will provide intensive care coordination directly or contract with community organizations to do so.

“Each of the three types provides Life360s with a connection to services that will make Arkansas healthier,” said Mark White, secretary of the Arkansas Department of Human Services. “With today’s announcement that this innovative component of the ARHOME program has received federal approval, we are ready to provide new support that will lead to better health outcomes and stronger communities.”

You can find more information about ARHOME Life360s by clicking here.

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