2022 AMA Pro Motocross Championship Edition, MX vs ATV Legends

A new patch has been released for MX vs ATV Legends, version 1.12, and with it comes a host of changes, fixes, additions and updates for the title.

This was not an easy start for the team behind him MX vs. ATV Legends. After a lackluster launch exacerbated by a base game that felt incomplete, more work has been done since its launch in July.

However, the v1.12 patch released on October 27 (Thursday) – and October 31 on PlayStation – should bring new life to the title with some improvements, additions, and fixes to the title.

The notable area in the patch notes includes the fact that there will be a “more flexible and interactive rider” along with a “sturdier bike” which will hopefully give players a better level of realistic look, and therefore immersion.

MX vs ATV Legends Motocross Motorcycle

Different bikes and surfaces should offer different and improved experiences starting with this update, as properties and physics have been tweaked. More items are being updated to the 2022 specification as well, and a bunch of extras are included in the customizations area.

While the patch was listed on the 27th, the PS4 patch was specifically pushed out earlier on Monday (October 31). The full change is listed below. Did you find these updates better for the title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  • The MX riding animation has been overhauled to produce a more fluid, interactive rider and a more stable bike – more to come in the following patches
  • Skin tone selection has been added to the Locker menu
  • Graphics kits added to MX bikes in the garage menu
  • Added a simple color-coded seat for all vehicles
  • Airoh Aviator helmets have been added
  • Fox Raceway II has been added to the 2022 AMA Pro Motocross Championship
  • All 2022 AMA Pro Motocross Championship track layouts updated
  • The precision of the all-terrain driving experience has been increased for the 2022 AMA Pro Motocross Championship
  • The power and overall appearance of the all-track terrain distortion has been improved in the 2022 AMA Pro Motocross Championship
  • A setting has been added to allow the player to control the strength of terrain deformation for online custom exhibitions and events
  • Improve the overall sound mix
  • Make landing and crash sounds more audible and measured by impact
  • Online multiplayer squad size increased to 16 players
  • Minor tweaks to the suspension and whips to improve behavior and appearance and to make each bike a little different
  • Increased effects of different surface types on driving behaviour, especially sand and mud
  • Adjusting speed and shaping terrain deformation on different types of surfaces
  • Weight and power adjusted 250 two-strokes no faster than a 450F

Detailed change log

  • DLC: Track and obstacle layouts updated to match the 2022 AMA Pro Motocross Championship live events
  • Downloadable content: Fixed-time trial starts in 2022 Unadilla
  • Downloadable Content: Small Visual and Performance Improvements in 2022 Thunder Valley, Budds Creek, Washougal, Loretta Lynn’s, and Spring Creek
  • DLC: Terrain collision accuracy has been increased for all 2022 Pro motocross tracks; Improves rapid take-off, berm attachment and rutting, deformation, and general continuity with visible terrain.
  • DLC: Fixed issues that caused the terrain deformation force on some 2022 Pro Motocross tracks to be weaker than on other tracks
  • DLC: Increased terrain deformation accuracy and improved overall terrain deformation appearance on all 2022 Pro Motocross tracks
  • How to play: Infrequent crash when changing events has been resolved
  • How to play: Reduced start timer in Time Trial, now almost instant
  • How to play: Bad or side-resets in Trails and Nationals have been reduced
  • How to play: Fixed secondary track and AI errors in Supercross
  • How to play: A setting has been added to allow the player to control the strength of terrain deformation for online custom exhibitions and events
  • Animation: MX Bike rear suspension fixed torsion during whips
  • Animation: fixed slate racer and NPCs
  • Animation: The MX cycling animation has been updated to produce a more flexible and interactive rider
  • Animation: A fixed seat position for the rider on certain DLC bikes to prevent seat sinking.
  • Animation: improve rider hand contact with MX Bike’s grips
  • Animation: Handles errors that cause a passenger to stop interacting with effects.
  • Animation: Fixed an issue that could cause the rear shocks, handlebars and handlebars to move when changing parts in the garage
  • Physics: Added new physics behaviors when riding on different types of surfaces
  • Physics: Tilt and roll in mud and sand is less reactive, more deceleration and softer the physical reactions
  • Physics: Bending and running on gravel surfaces, asphalt, hard surfaces faster and more responsive, and more rigid deformation physical reactions
  • Physics: Added “wobbly” effect when driving in mud or sand, the effect is more pronounced at low speeds, simulates pulling the front tire left and right; Leaning back reduces the effect
  • Physics: Terrain deformation will now cause more bumps and crevices to build up, and the strength depends on the type of track and surface
  • Physics: The 250 two-stroke is a bit heavier with less power, bringing it closer to the 450F in terms of performance
  • Physics: Minor tweaks to MX Bikes’ whips to improve feel and feel, whip settings are slightly different on all bikes
  • Physics: Minor tweaks to MX bikes to improve suspension sag/compression and make each bike feel a little different
  • Physics: Slightly weak clutch boost across all MX bikes
  • Physics: Both Level 3 chassis tuning parts on MX bikes have been tweaked to slightly reduce the difference between them
  • Physics: Fixed an issue that made aquaplaning too easy on MX bikes with L3 soft suspension
  • AI: Improve AI skill and speed on some Supercross tracks
  • Environment: Minor lighting issue in Supercross fishing fences has been resolved
  • Environment: improving performance in Salt Lake SX
  • Environment: Minor lighting adjustments in national track maps
  • Environment: Minor lighting adjustments in the Vallis map
  • Sound: Static interlaced music during game startup
  • Audio: Several changes to the car’s engine sound
  • Audio: Balanced volumes for most UI sounds
  • Audio: Various driving sounds in weather and terrain have been improved
  • Audio: Change the position of the music mix
  • Sound: generally noticeable increase in reverberation
  • Sound: Fixed overall volume to be more in line with standard practices.
  • Sound: Landing sounds are more heard
  • Sound: The sounds of landing and crashing are now amplified by the force of impact
  • User interface: fixed sorting of items in locker lists
  • User Interface: Added in-game DLC purchase streams for vehicles and tracks
  • User interface: Holeshot tracked correctly in race results when online
  • User Interface: Fixed several small issues / anomalies with the post-race controls when connected to the Internet
  • User Interface: Cleaned Job Schedule Captured in ATV and UTV
  • User Interface: The speed and performance of the pause menu has been improved, especially when navigating the gallery menus
  • User Interface: Fixed a bug that could cause incompatible vehicles to be in the garage when playing online
  • User Interface: Stunt HUD added to Freeride and Lobby when playing online
  • User interface: fixed sorting of players in the race results when connected to the Internet
  • Customization: add skin tone selection; 5 skin colors
  • Customization: Graphics kits have been added to all MX bikes (internally and OEM); 5 sets of graphics
  • Customization: Added simple tintable seat for all vehicles
  • Customization: Airoh Aviator helmets have been added; 3 differences
  • Online: Error handling and messaging for expired sessions are improved
  • Online: Improved error handling and messaging for DLC maps
  • Online: Prevent a player from joining a session they are already in
  • Online: Block traffic areas during the online lobby
  • Online: Team size increased to 16 players
  • Online: Fixed issues in the online race started causing players to get stuck at the starting gate when joining late
  • Car: Improved appearance of the handlebars on Helmet Cam
  • Car: Improve the appearance of UTV lights in the garage

Source: MX vs ATV Legends website

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