Coming out of the first round of the 2022 playoffs, Trae Young and Co looked ready for the 22-23 season after acquiring Dejounte Murray from San Antonio Spurs.

The two-way guards, who were probably the best in the league last season, should have supplemented this Hawks side who had a poor defense last year.

Although they are the number 4 team in the offensive ranking in the league, they do not occupy the top ten in defense. Which clearly appeared in the first 7 games.

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But what is most evident is that while they lack the effort to make mistakes from their opponents, they make many mistakes themselves. The captain of the team, “Ice Trae” himself, may have a serious problem turning the ball.

NBA Twitter defames Trae Young, calling his game against the Raptors a Criple-Double

Even though he averages just over 3 times turnover per game in the games, Young has played two games in which his turnover was well above his already high career figure, a north of 4 per game.

The six-round match against Magic could have cost them the match, but thankfully it wasn’t, and it also made him wary about his case.

He did not commit more than two in any of his next four matches after scoring 9 in only his first two matches. But when they faced the Toronto Raptors last night, the 2x star did it again.

Young turned the ball more than 10 times to provide 10 assists and a 14-point game cost the Hawks the game, as they lost 109-139. NBA Twitter managed to beat the remaining base due to its mistakes.

Not only Young, anxiety of neglect is spreading throughout Atlanta

The team follows its leader, and the Hawks have made 88 spins in 7 games so far.

It clearly shows their problem with basketball care, which can be a serious weakness. A weakness that can easily be exploited in the playoffs if not dealt with immediately.

Whether it’s resolved the same way or they get Murray, who averaged over 21p-8r-9a last season with just 2.6 TO per game, to take care of the ball even more.

That would be a massive call for both the team and Trey, but it should be done if they are aiming to contend for the title.

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