LeBron James continued to break barriers throughout his historic NBA career. After he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers at just 18 years old, James’ career took off officially. Since then, he has not only won four NBA championships, but has also amassed an incredible fortune.

Much of James’ wealth stems from making sound business decisions. With the help of trusted advisors and mentors, James has truly charted his own path in the business world.

From commercial investments and endorsements to his contracts with NBA teams, James has had no shortage of revenue streams. In this article, we will take a look at how LeBron James managed to build himself and his family a multibillion dollar empire.

“Shoes must be!” Much like NBA legend Michael Jordan, one of the biggest deals LeBron James signed was a contract with Nike. After signing a newbie deal with Nike, his shoes quickly became one of the most popular in the country. This led to James eventually signing a lifelong deal with the brand.

In addition to a lifetime deal with Nike, LeBron James has made some big decisions that have had big payoffs. One of the first of these companies was to invest in Beats Electronics, which Apple eventually acquired 10 years into James’ career.

According to CanKnowledge.com, James’ net worth growth from 2017 onwards has been reported as follows:

2017: $550 million

2018: $630 million

2019: $680 million

2020: $720 million

2021: $790 million

2022: $850 million

With a growth of nearly $850 million in 2022, James’ total net worth, including investments. They totaled $1.2 billion. According to Forbes estimates, James became a billionaire this summer.

But who manages all this money and helped LeBron James reach billionaire status?

Looking at the key people managing LeBron James’ money

It’s no secret that LeBron James made sure to take his friends on the trip. Throughout his career, James has put his friends in a position to succeed over and over again.

Notably, James’ old friend Rich Paul took over Klutch Sports as founder and CEO. In addition to being James’ agent, Paul manages some of the best players in the league.

James’ old friend, Maverick Carter, was also instrumental in helping grow his fortune. With a hand in many business transactions, the establishment of an uninterrupted network.

Last but not least, another old friend, Randy Mims, was the creative mind behind James’ success. Emmy Award-winning Chief of Staff James helped produce the series “More Than Athlete” and “Space Jam 2.”

What are some of the major investments that make up LeBron James’ net worth of over $1 billion?

Los Angeles Lakers striker LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers striker LeBron James

James hasn’t taken his foot off the gas since reaching billionaire status. If anything, he ramped up his business dealings. In recent years, his net worth has skyrocketed, due in part to active investments.

Uninterrupt, owned by James and Carter, produces some of the most-watched sports programs with no signs of slowing down. The Shop, which features roundtable discussions with major celebrities, has helped uninterrupted participation in his claim in the sports media.

James was also involved in the restaurant industry. Blaze Pizza, which received a huge investment from McDonald’s, quickly became one of the largest pizza chains in the country.

However, LeBron James’ biggest endeavor is his investment in Fenway Sports. Through the group, James has an active investment in some of the world’s largest sports franchises. From Liverpool to the Boston Red Sox, James’ fortune has continued to rise as a result of investment.

With no signs of stopping anytime soon, James recently announced that he wants to own his own NBA franchise. The only thing waiting for him is the NBA announcement of expansion.

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