November 1, 2022

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A new online tool launched by the University of Georgia System paves the way for the nation by providing students and their families with a central location for providing enrollment and comparative enrollment data at 26 Georgia public universities.

pay grades georgia It links the value of earning a degree to economic success by giving students and families critical information about the affordability and value of an institution. With such a resource, working through important decisions about higher education in Georgia becomes an easier task to complete.

Georgia Degrees Pay compares different institutions in terms of total cost, specific majors and fields of study offered, average student borrowing and average job income. By comparing these factors, the site makes it easy to determine how a college can help students achieve significant well-being and career growth through a college that suits their financial needs.

The website design is user friendly and easily navigated. When reviewing the website and its capabilities, dual enrollment freshman Chelsea Chapman noted it “The site is very practical and also very realistic in giving students a selection of colleges that meet their educational expectations.” When Chapman explored the site more thoroughly, she stated, “I really appreciated the design of the site; the layout was clean and easy to read.”

Chapman found the sections and tabs that explained aspects such as student success rate and average cost of attendance that were most beneficial for incoming college students. Associate Vice President of the Columbus Department of Enrollment, Sally McMullen, agreed the site’s usefulness as a university research tool.

“Georgia Degrees Pay provides students and parents with easy access to information about all USG schools, so it is a good starting point for the college search process.”

McMullen also explained that the site is a great complement to student research on the ground which should include “visiting different campuses and taking a deeper dive to find the ‘best’ college for them.”

Taking college affordability into account in many college decisions, Georgia Degrees Pay also provides “one-stop-shop” comparison tools for both net in-state pricing and out-of-state net pricing for non-Georgian residents who want to attend a Georgia state school.

Visitors to the site will discover that Columbus State University is the third most affordable college within the University of Georgia system, with an average net price of $13,571 per year. In addition to, Undergraduate students from the border states of Georgia — Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee — are eligible for an in-state education.

Georgia Degrees Pay also allows current and future Columbus State students to predict their potential earnings after graduation. Based on this data, CSU is ranked the 3rd highest median salary 10 years after graduation compared to graduates of other USG peer institutions. The average salaries for Columbus State graduates who have worked in Georgia for 10 years are $58,668 with a bachelor’s degree, $71,666 for master’s degree holders, and $87,584 with a doctorate.

The site allows visitors to compare potential earnings between majors, academic fields, and schools.

For more information about Georgia Degrees Pay, visit And to apply to CSU, click The state of Columbus is Waiver of admission application fee for both undergraduate and postgraduate students for the month of November.

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