The Lakers front desk had a calculated approach to starting the season.

After trying and failing to find a suitable deal for Russell Westbrook over the holiday period, the Lakers entered the 2022-23 campaign determined to evaluate the current roster for what it is, at least for the first 20 games or so. The theory was that the rest of the NBA scene would clear itself up during that time, and more tankers would appear, giving the Lakers more trade options at that juncture.

Meanwhile, the Lakers have been trying to find a suitable role for Russell Westbrook in Los Angeles, and there are early positive returns for Russell Westbrook’s maneuvering the sixth man. However, the Lakers are still 1-5 with the net rating at No. 25 in the NBA, and their schedule isn’t easing any time soon.

This means that the clarification that the Lakers are seeking could come to an end, something Yovan Buha the athlete Featured on The Anthony Irwin Show this week:

“I think a disaster scenario where the Lakers go 5-20 at the 25-game mark, like this is probably a scenario that, in my understanding, they are likely to pull the plug on it and they’ll be fine, we’re gonna stand up and that list is what it is. That’s like to A bit of a lost season, and there’s really no point in going to it when we’re so late.”

Surely everyone reading this is completely calm when “Lakers” and “disaster scenario” appear in the same sentence.

There’s nothing this team can gain by tanks because the New Orleans Pelicans have the right to swap their first-round picks with the Lakers this year. But it also doesn’t make sense to give up the first two stages in the future just for this group to make its way into the playing cycle. And the Lakers should be wise about their expectations this season given the high cost of improvement.

The front office reportedly had ongoing conversations about one of the trades, and Poha said his understanding was “they kind of put on the timeline Thanksgiving as (a) a realistic time to make a deal or really ramp up the conversation.” But if they decide this team doesn’t deserve to improve, that’s an admission of failure over a quarter of the way through the season, and it’s another blow against the team captains because they let the year start with a mismatched roster.

The only way to realistically save the Lakers this season is through trade, but that could severely hamper the franchise’s right going forward. And if they believe their influence will improve 20 games a year, they instead appear to be heading more toward a catastrophic scenario.

The Lakers have not lost the 2022-23 season yet. Planning for the worst is one way to think ahead, but it hurts to think that the front office is once again preparing for failure rather than finding a way out of this mess.

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