Students in fifth through twelfth grades learn remotely part-time as the district deals with a staff shortage of bus drivers.

REynoldsburg, OH – Reynoldsburg City schools are now hitting the curb in search of at least 10 additional bus drivers as they transfer more degrees to part-time distance learning in the meantime.

The district has added fifth to twelfth grade in its distance learning rotation due to the continuing lack of staff in transportation.

Communications Director Stephanie Boger said the goal would be to add at least 10 more drivers. However, they would like to have as many as possible, including alternatives.

In the days off, teachers at those schools provide direct online instruction, and students log in and participate during scheduled classes.

Some parents fear that distance learning leads to inequality, and hinders students from having the same abilities and access to learning across the board.

Shana Krapp has a child in elementary and middle school. She said she now balances their remote work schedules with her work from home.

“Because I work from home, it’s a bit stressful, however, it’s not as stressful as if I wasn’t at home and had to work on those logistics, which a lot of parents in our community have to deal with now,” Krapp said.

Crabe adds that she is one of the lucky ones, and believes it is important for students to return to class to interact, so IEP students can get the individual attention they need.

“There are children who are not completely at home and who do not have that environment because they are in day care because there are young children and babies and there is no quiet place for them to be,” Krabi said.

In a statement, Beougher said, “We understand that this is affecting Raider families. The decision to go into distance learning was not something we took lightly. We work every day to solve the problem and find alternatives to online learning. We are also meeting with community organizations to explore ways in which She may be able to provide support to families when there are days away.”

A special board meeting will be held on Tuesday evening. One of the items on the agenda is a request for approval of a candidate for one of the three leadership positions for the Transportation Department.

Here’s this week’s distance learning course for grades 5-12:

  • Monday: Reynoldsburg High School (both campuses) and STEM Middle at Baldwin Road Jr. High School
  • Tuesday: Hannah Ashton Middle School, Wagoner Road Junior High School, Wagner Road Middle School
  • Wednesday: Reynoldsburg High School (both campuses) and STEM Middle at Baldwin Road Jr. High School
  • Thursday: Hannah Ashton Middle School, Wagoner Road Junior High School, Wagner Road Middle School
  • Friday: Reynoldsburg High School (both campuses)

Mayor of Reynoldsburg, Joe Begginy, said the city is also stepping in to help by hiring employees with CDL licenses. He said the city has 12 employees with CDL licenses and encourages them to help the school district.

“I think it would just be a relief, now maybe this way instead of two high schools closing, it’s just going to be one. Instead of three or four elementary schools during the week, maybe just one per week. Those roads can make a huge difference when you’re talking about drivers or three “.

The district said fifth through 12th grade distance learning is currently scheduled for this week and they are continuing to assess daily staffing levels to determine if additional adjustments are needed or if they will continue to rotate beyond this week.

The rotation schedule for the six primary schools will continue until further notice.

They have also entered into a short-term contract with a transportation consultant to find additional solutions in addition to our current distance learning schedule.

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