Ralson’s US product offerings include:

  • The Ralson RAR51All-position frame in seven sizes. Features a built-in baffle for superior all-weather traction and cooler operation to extend tread life; optimum groove angle with a stone ejector; Pocket shoulder groove that promotes dependable traction, shoulder stability, low rolling resistance, uniform wear, and fuel efficiency.
  • The Ralson RAC55 (Available in 315/80R22.5) for waste transportation and construction applications. Features open shoulder with tie rods for strong traction and self-cleaning capabilities that improve tread and cover life; Balanced rib ratio for even pressure distribution, long mileage and even wear; Enhanced groove corners with stone ejectors provide self-cleaning and facilitate stone ejection.
  • The Accelus AR91, which is radial to all positions and is available in seven sizes. It features a five-rib design that balances long tread wear and fuel efficiency; Four belts absorb shock and provide uniform contact with the ground; Wavy shoulder groove promotes uniform wear, shoulder stability and traction.
  • The Aselos DR92Closed shoulder push frame available in four sizes. It features a wide belt construction that distributes tension evenly over long distances and perfect regeneration; The perfect lug-to-vacuum ratio provides excellent driver comfort while providing long tread wear; Next-generation compound effectively dissipates power to increase fuel economy and reduce wear.

“We are very excited to be running our tires on America’s roads and highways,” Mayfield said. “Their performance will be our best advertisement. Ralson has assembled a team of R&D engineers and rubber technicians formerly responsible for some of the industry’s most recognized commercial tire tread patterns. They have developed tread patterns and casing designs ideally suited for efficient work on America’s highways and roads” .

“In addition to research and development, the manufacturing process at Ralson’s state-of-the-art plant is the other key component. From best-in-class extrusion equipment to bead processing with RFID technology, the facility rolls out superior quality TBR tires,” he said.

Ralson said his research and development team uses the most advanced computer simulation and testing equipment, puts prototype frames through comprehensive testing inside labs equipped with virtualization capabilities (FEA) and then thoroughly punishes them on a variety of surfaces.

Ralson, which claims to be the fastest growing tire company in India, is one of the top five bicycle tire manufacturers in the world and started producing automobile tires in 2000.

Ralson recently entered the global commercial tire market with a state-of-the-art plant in Indore, India, with a current production capacity of more than one million tires per year. Ralson plans to expand the plant.

The plant uses a nitrogen treatment system instead of a hot water treatment system which allows for better control of the treatment process, resulting in greater tire consistency. The nitrogen process, which conserves water, is one of the many environmental protection initiatives being deployed at the plant.

Ralson and Accelus tires will be available for purchase beginning in the first quarter of 2023. For more information, see ralsontires.com.

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