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It’s election season, and while the confusion has begun, the world’s most famous golfer, Tiger Woods, was used, albeit by mistake, in a political ad this week. The site calls for the death penalty for police and mass murderers. In the ad, Woods’ 2017 DUI arrest footage was used as the background image, which has been dubbed “Just Intentional.”

Chris Kopacz, the Republican nominee for attorney general in Kansas, posted the announcement Thursday. Kopacz, who is in a race against his Democratic rival Chris Mann, accuses his Democratic opponent Chris Mann of condoning the crime. Specifically, the ad claims that Mann will not apply the death penalty against violent criminals and those who have been convicted of murdering a single police officer.

In the ad, the cases of Reginald and Jonathan Carr are outlined: the men on death row after five were killed in a Wichita-area shooting spree in 2000, and Scott Schaeffer, who shot and killed a Greenwood County deputy sheriff in 2005. Woods footage surfaced nearly halfway through the the ad, in which she showered him with violence he had never committed.

“But if Chris Mann gets in his way, there will be no death penalty for cop killers,” said the ad narrator, trimming a photo of Woods’ arrest.

The footage came from a police dashcam video of Woods’ arrest in 2017 flanked by two Florida deputy mayors. Woods was initially stopped and booked for a DUI, eventually pleaded guilty to one count of reckless driving, and was placed on probation.

According to Danidri Herbert, a spokesman for Kobach, the advertising agency hired by the campaign was responsible for the error, and it appears that the inclusion of the footage was a mistake. However, they claimed that it was fixed within minutes once he was arrested. Ad copies that Kobach’s campaign shared on social media did not feature Woods’ footage.

“What a happy coincidence that the media will pick up on this and expose Chris Mann as a soft liberal Democrat who will allow cops and mass murderers to easily get away with their heinous crimes,” Herbert continued.

Then, a new ad was cut that replaced Woods’ footage with images of a prison inmate in an exchange that shows creating a frightening environment meaning anyone can be included in the narration.

Mann’s spokeswoman, Kelly Kee, said in a statement that the ad was “completely false and deceptive.”

“He needs to remove the ad,” Key told Topeka Capital Journal. “Chris Mann is a former cop who was injured in the line of duty. Chris Kopacz is not ashamed of the lies he would tell to win political power.”

In Tuesday’s debate, Mann, a former police officer and attorney general in Lawrence, Kansas who now works in a private practice, said that while he opposes the death penalty, his job is law enforcement.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t use the death penalty,” Mann said during the discussion.

No word from Tiger Woods on how he feels or if he plans to do anything to include his image in polarizing advertising.

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