Did you have a happy Halloween? Did you dress up like Phoenix Suns striker Jay Crowder?

Now that November is here, and the beautiful month of October is behind us, we’re officially in for the holiday season. With it comes joy and happiness, the changing weather, and the broken décor of our homes. It is the season in which we give ourselves away.

In order to do this, it takes a few coins.

I’m back again this week to try and help you put more of this coin in your pocket as you prepare to save the best holiday season that you and yours can.

Tuesday night’s TNT roster shows the teams aspiring to the championship. Well, two of these teams are simply hoping to make the playoffs, while the other two have high hopes of raising Larry at the end of the season.

The last time I wrote this column, we collectively bet $2. We put $1 on every bet you suggested. I went 0-2 that night, probably because of too much greed. Who doesn’t like good play, am I right? As we look at this week’s odds – placing a $1 bet on each one – we will do our best to simply double our money. This is the key to success when you log into your DraftKings app and place a bet. Don’t covet too much.

Don’t be a miser.

Chicago Bulls against. Brooklyn Networks

chi Spread: +1.5 (-110) Money Line: +100

BKN Spread: -1.5 (-110) Cash Line: -120

Above under: 231

Let’s start with the first leg of Tuesday night’s TNT double header match. The Bulls enter with a score of 3-4 and have lost two consecutive games, one at the San Antonio Spurs and one at home against the Philadelphia 76ers. They are without Lonzo Ball and Andre Drummond, although Zach LaVine is looking to get back into the lineup that could affect this game. They lost the last two games to the points difference, but made the extra points and total points in both games.

Enter the Brooklyn Nets, a team in turmoil. It’s a shocking 2-5, and just ended a four-game losing streak with a home win over the Indiana Pacers last night. It’s hard to know which version of this team you’ll get. Will KD and Kyrie dominate? Will Ben Simmons die with an easy shot from mid-range because he fears failure?

For a spread in the last five games, the Nets lost. In fact, there is a 1-6 difference this season.

Betting tip: I have two interesting facts for you. The first is that the Nets have lost 11 of their last 12 return matches from a back-to-back game. The second is that they have failed to spread in 30 of their last 33 home games. This screams for me to take the +100 money line. So this is what we will do.

minute Spread: +4 (-110) Money: +150

PHX Spread: -4 (-110) Cash Line: -175

Above under: 227.5

The second game features Devin Booker welcoming his friends, Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell to the center of the footprint. Friends Off the field, Poker loves no one.

Phoenix sets his 5-1 record against a 4-3 Minnesota Timberwolves record. Wolves are a hard team to spot. They haven’t had a lot of tough competition so far this season, and the new version of Rudy Gobert has disrupted the essential aspects of attacking. It’s a paint gun, and that’s where Anthony Edwards and Karl Anthony Towns love to live. They are still trying to figure out this basketball connection.

The Suns have won their last four games against the points difference, with the last three games ending.

Betting tip: Each of the Timberwolves’ last four road games have hit less than their total points. That streak of 227.5 is a tough streak, but with Rudy Gobert playing for Wolves now – a perennial candidate for top defensive player – I can see this also hitting under (-110). So this is what I take. Nothing exciting, nothing outrageous, it’s a good solid bet to get back into the green.

Here you are! If you exploit both options – the bulls and Suns money line vs Timberwolves below – the odds are +281. Take it. Win that dough and spend it on PS5 for your kids. This season!

Happy November, to you all.

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