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Hello there, friends, and welcome to a very special edition of The Rogers Report. This week we’re celebrating, in a very special order: Taylor Swift’s new album, Halloween, and Rogers Report’s new logo (see above).

In my companywide survey, Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero proved to be’s favorite song on the Midnights album. He was bejeweled in second place. Thank you to my three co-workers who voted (including me). Anyway, to Halloween. The professionals and their families put on a solid show this year, and as usual, the Donald family set the gold standard in terms of fashion. And thanks to TaylorMade, we got a bunch of pros dressed up.

Here is a picture of my little sister wearing a Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson costume. Spot, if I do say so myself.

Well, back to the pros.

fashion rating

The European Ryder Cup captain and his family totally crushed their outfits this year. From left to right we have Luke as Roman Emperor, Gigi as spaghetti, Ellie as gelato, Sophie as gladiator, Diane as the Colosseum and their puppy, Archie as the Pope. We might call the Ryder Cup now, folks, because the Donald family just won.

Next, we have a very unlikely couple. No, no, not Nikki Gidesh and Patrick Cantlay. frozenElsa and the Pope! We are only two golf families and already have a pair of Popes. This should be some kind of record.

Nikki Gidesh and Patrick Cantlay

Nikki Gadsh

Next we have one of my absolute favourites. John Ram went while Rafiki and his sons Kiba and Ineko went as Simba. Shout out to any company that makes a companion uniform that fits a 6-foot-2 professional athlete.

The scene really adds something extra to these photos as well.

The Finau family is old and reliable when it comes to holiday content. That doesn’t mean I take it for granted. I look forward to their birthday flyers, their summer vacation flyers and even the photos from their youngest birthday party are second to none. So it’s not at all surprising that we are provided with quite a few photos and even some costume changes.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the Na family did their best for Halloween.

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but as someone who didn’t wear a costume this year, I admire Walker’s dedication.

Hughes family

Mackenzie Hughes

Well, folks. Inflatable popes and exotic costumes are the most popular among professional golf families. Dustin Johnson doesn’t seem to dress up as anything other than the guy who earned $35 million this year, but I love the dragon costume that swings either one of his sons or trick-or-treat down their aisle.

DJ on Halloween

Paulina Gretsky

The LPGA pros showed up in full force during the holiday, too. Consider this my official request that the pros play in uniforms next year.

LIV Golf shared some past Halloween costumes, and they’re pretty good. The old photo of Phil Mickelson makes me wonder if he’s dressed up for Halloween this year.

And if you somehow haven’t watched it, check out TaylorMade’s hilarious videos. At this rate, I wonder if there was anything Taylor Meade couldn’t get their players to do.

If TaylorMade did all this for Halloween, I have a feeling their holiday content would be top notch this year.

Unfortunately, not many trick-or-treaters seem to have stopped at Sims-Koepka’s house on Monday night. Well, more candy for adults!

Halloween in Kupka

Jenna Sims

While the Donalds may have won Halloween in the professional family golf class, Beau Ellington took home the gold in the junior golfer class. From hair to sponsors to bag, she executed our Nelly Korda wrap to perfection.

And while it’s not from this year, I’d be remiss not to share this throwback to a young fan who dressed up as a tiger and then came across it on Halloween. It may be as good as it gets.

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