By Emily Wagster Pettus, The Associated Press

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves said Tuesday he will ask lawmakers to approve about $240 million in state incentives for an economic development project in the northern part of the state.

The Republican governor declined to name the company, saying he had signed a nondisclosure agreement.

“As soon as we finish the legislative process and as soon as we get the final agreements, we will announce that the deal is done,” he said during a press conference.

The company is large and has a long history of success, Reeves said.

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Mississippi governors often have fast schedules for pushing stimulus packages through the legislature for large economic development projects, and it’s not unusual for them to try to keep company names secret until deals are complete.

Some lawmakers have raised concerns about the special session that begins on Wednesday.

“We don’t have a lot of details right now, but we’re concerned that GOP leaders are going to try to push some kind of corporate sponsorship package with little discussion or oversight,” said Republican Representative Dana Cresswell of Olive Branch, a member of the Mississippi Freedom Caucus. In an email on Tuesday.

Reeves announced Monday that he is inviting lawmakers to the Capitol to consider incentives for a company that will create 1,000 jobs within the next few years. He said the average salary would be $93,000 — well above the average wage for jobs in one of the poorest states in the United States.

The project includes a “flat aluminum production facility, biocarbon production facilities and some other industrial facilities,” Reeves said in a press release. The facilities will be in the Golden Triangle area, which includes Columbus, Starkville and West Point and is close to the Alabama border.

Reeves said Tuesday that the government’s proposed stimulus package includes $155 million in direct contributions, about $25 million for roads in and around the project site, money to help with land purchases and income tax deductions.

He said many lawmakers “probably have a good idea of ​​the company” and the project could attract other companies.

“This would be transformative for that area of ​​our state,” Reeves said.

The governor said the company will spend $2.5 billion, which would be the largest upfront investment yet for a company seeking government incentives to locate in Mississippi.

The previous record was in 2016, when Continental Tire announced a $1.45 billion investment to build a plant in central Mississippi. The German company promised to create 2,500 jobs with an average wage of about $40,000 per year.

During a 2016 special session, lawmakers approved $263 million to borrow for Continental, including $20 million to be repaid by Hinds County. With tax breaks and other aid, the Associated Press estimated that the value of all incentives for Continental would exceed $600 million. Continental factory opened in 2019.

Reeves said talks about the new project began less than four months ago.

He said the state would have “strict” provisions to recoup its investments if the company did not deliver on promises. Republicans control the Mississippi House and Senate. Reeves said he hoped members of both parties would support the project.

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