Today, the 31st of October is an exciting day for Lufthansa. The German airline is already preparing to receive its second Boeing 787. Let’s take a look at today’s event and the latest aircraft to join the Lufthansa fleet.

Frankfurt am Main joins Lufthansa today

After the first Boeing 787-9 joined Lufthansa at the end of August, the German company today took delivery of the second of the 32 Boeing 787-9s currently on order for Lufthansa.

The newest aircraft to join the Lufthansa fleet is named after the German city where Lufthansa operates its largest hub: Frankfurt am Main. According to, the Boeing 787-9 departed Boeing’s facilities in Everett – Paine Field (PAE), in the US state of Washington, at 14:26 local time on October 30. After a 9.10 hour flight, Frankfurt am Main (FRA) touched down in Frankfurt at 7:36 local time, 24 minutes before its scheduled arrival time.

Today’s video is simple

What do we know about the latest Boeing 787 from Lufthansa?

According to ch-aviation, the new Lufthansa Boeing 787-9, registered D-ABPD, is three years old. The German carrier ordered the aircraft on May 21, 2021. However, the first flight was completed almost two years before the order, on July 26, 2019.

Lufthansa Boeing 787 “Frankfurt am Main” seats 247 passengers in economy class, 21 in premium economy cabin and 26 in business class, with a maximum capacity of 294 passengers. The table below summarizes some details of the three different classes on board the new Lufthansa aircraft.

details Economie Featured Economy Business
Max keep up 9 7 4
seat distance (cm) 31 38 44
Video in the seat yes yes yes

Lufthansa’s Boeing 787 fleet is also likely to feature the new ‘Allegris’ long-haul layout concept, which will start rolling out in 2023. The new Lufthansa Business Class envisages first-class suites in the first row, with privacy walls and sliding doors. This “upgraded” first class business class would potentially be a strategic move to offer a first class product on a non-first class aircraft. All remaining Business Class seats will have direct aisle access, wireless charging and Bluetooth headset capabilities.

Photo: Lufthansa

The Economy cabin and Premium Economy cabin will also have a fresh new look. The new premium economy product is similar to the one in the Swiss Boeing 777 fleet, offering a 15.6-inch screen and noise-canceling headphones. Along with the updated design, the new Lufthansa’s economy long-distance cabin will feature something unique: the so-called sleeper row. Passengers who purchase these seats will find leg rest that can be folded, increasing the space passengers have to lie down and rest.

Photo: Lufthansa

When Lufthansa took delivery of its first Boeing 787 at the end of August, the aircraft was first deployed on domestic and short-haul routes. Although this may seem unusual, it is a common practice among airlines that receive new wide bodies to operate them first on short flights with the goal of allowing aviation and cabin crew to learn about new aircraft. That’s what happened with the first Lufthansa Boeing 787-9, D-ABPA registered.

Photo: Tim Steak via Lufthansa

Having been delivered two months ago, the widebody has been in operation on the Frankfurt-Munich route since October 19. These training flights are expected to run until January 9, more than a month after the new aircraft operated its first intercontinental flight to New York New York (EWR). With such extensive crew training with the first Boeing 787, it is not yet known whether Lufthansa will deploy its second Boeing aircraft on short-haul routes as long as the first. However, it is likely that before it can be operated on transcontinental routes, the D-ABPD will be transported locally or on short flights.

Lufthansa: A strong supporter of the Boeing 787-9

D-ABPD is the second Boeing 787 that Lufthansa has received in the past two months. Anyway, this is only the beginning. In fact, the German airline has placed an order with Boeing for at least 32 Boeing 787s.

Photo: Tim Steak via Lufthansa

Of the three variants of the Boeing 787 – the 787-8, 787-9, 787-10, and 787-9, with a backlog of nearly 900, it is the most popular variant of the Boeing 787 family. Lufthansa has also selected the 787-9 for its fleet, All 32 Boeing 787s on order belong to this type.

Simple Flying has reached out to Lufthansa for further comments. We will update the article with any additional announcements from the airline.

Which transcontinental destination do you think Lufthansa’s new Boeing 787-9 will operate? Tell us in the comments section below!

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