Rabiu Kwankwanso, the presidential candidate for the Nigeria All Peoples Party (NNPP), said he sold some of his property and offered scholarships to students from Kano and Nigeria to pursue higher degrees.
Kwankwanso disclosed this at a symposium organized in his honor by the Kwankwanese Movement in cooperation with the Association of Scholars and other Kwankwanese organizations in Abuja on Monday.
He said that even after leaving his position as governor, he looked into some things (real estate) he didn’t need and only sold them to give deserving students scholarships, some of whom graduated with master’s and doctorate degrees from Nigerian and foreign universities.
The former Kano State Governor said: “The scholarship recipients, especially the three thousand who benefited in four years, I am very happy and very proud of all of you. Many of them wanted to come.
“I am happy to say that in the 1999 elections in Kano, we had no governor, no minister, no current or former member. We only had these young men and women and were able to win our election to the position of governor.
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This is why I am encouraged to establish the scholarship program for our young men and women. When we announce in 2019, thinking there are a few first-class people out there, we slammed them in Kano. The upper second class exhausted them. We were in the lower tiers of Tier 2 to Tier 2 when I left the government in 2015 and this one.
“We had more than 3,000 of them who went to 14 countries all over the world. I am also glad that we have sponsored students in Nigeria’s private universities in Nigeria. More than 3,000 people have been sent abroad, they are in different groups, all sponsored by the Kwankwasiyya Foundation.”
Kwankwaso said he felt that the best investment for any politician is education, stressing that Nigeria can only grow if the country educates the people.
When I was a conservative, we were able to feed our primary school children and take them back to school. Today, they have an association of those who collected uniforms in primary schools.
“They are in the millions, I thank all my brothers and sisters, and friends across the country who have supported the foundation,” he said.
Yusuf Kuvarmata, President, and Kwankasia and Development Scholars acknowledge the efforts of the NNPP presidential candidate to improve the lives of the downtrodden who make incomparable contributions that will live on and be immortalized in the country’s history.
He said, “You have already distinguished yourself from the selfish demagogic politicians, thanks to every contribution. We hope that in a few months, Nigeria will be porous and peaceful under your leadership as the most admired political figure in Kano, the North and Nigeria as a whole.”
“Therefore, we are gathered here to honor you with joy, and to express our gratitude for being a tireless liberator of the masses.”
Meanwhile, PNP presidential candidate Kwankwaso will reveal his blueprint for the 2023 general election on Tuesday (today) at the A-Class Park and Event Center.

Other frontline presidential candidates, including HDP’s Atiku Abubakar, Progressive Congress Party’s Paula Tinubu, and Labor’s Peter Obi, have revealed their action plans – blueprints.


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