Garnett had Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Cleveland and Milwaukee all ranked above the Celtics during pre-season.

Kevin Garnett has spoken out about the scandal surrounding his former team.

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Before the season started, Paul Pierce asked Kevin Garnett for his thoughts on the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

Garnett didn’t have the Celtics, who won the Eastern Conference Finals last year, in the top four. He predicted that Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Milwaukee and Cleveland would all finish before Boston.

Pierce, who co-hosted a segment titled Ticket & Truth on Garnett’s “KG Certified”, was shocked.

“I don’t get all of this, you guys are big,” Pierce said on a recent episode.

This week, Garnett explained his reasons for questioning the Celtics.

“I look at it on paper. On paper, the 76ers and the additions to this team look amazing,” Garnett said. “You know what I’m saying? That’s what I was measuring. Then, on top of that, having Giannis and Middleton and those guys, Middleton not even back, you know? So I look at the league like that. If they didn’t have Rob Williams to fill in the middle, they didn’t I didn’t know if Al Horford was in good health.”

Garnett mentioned that Ime Udoka’s comment was a factor as well.

Pierce responded saying Boston had the league’s best duo in Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown and deserved to be in the top four. He said he’s been getting backlash from Celtics fans on Twitter asking why Garnett is so suspicious of the Celtics.

“You really hurt the Celtics fan base, you know what I’m saying?” Pierce joked. I was there and they were like ‘What’s up with KG?’ “Why doesn’t he roll with the guys?”

Garnett responded saying he supports Brown and Tatum but gives his honest opinion. He said he heard the same comments from fans.

“Stop talking to me like I don’t hear the same [expletive]Well?” said Garnett.

Garnett said he needs to see the Celtics win without Williams before he feels comfortable putting them ahead of his other top teams.

“I told you, Rob Williams’ piece of that was a big question mark,” Garnett said. “Who was going to occupy the five? I didn’t know that Malcolm would come here. They already got a deeper seat this year. So, from that, I had to see him first.”

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