Former Kansas and New Mexico basketball player Jethro Muscadin died late Monday evening after being injured in a serious car crash in December 2021.

“Jethroh Muscadin passed away late last night,” Kansas coach Bill Self wrote on Twitter on Tuesday morning. “He has been unresponsive since the car accident last December. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jethro’s loved ones. Too young. So sad. He will always be our buddy. RIP”

Last winter, Muscadin was a passenger in a serious one-car accident in Kansas. He and his girlfriend had gone to see the Jayhawks Nevada host in Lawrence and were driving home early in the morning. The car rolled over several times, and Muscadine did not respond.

Those who learned of the incident began to ask for prayers to help him get through the matter. New Mexico coach Richard Pettino and Kansas head coach Bill Self were among the first to speak out about the incident.

“Please pray for Jethro Muscadin. He is fighting for his life after a horrific car accident last night,” Petino Wrote On December 30th. “Every prayer is important now. So tragic and devastating.”

“He, his friend, and their families are in need of a miracle. Please raise them while Jethro fights for his life,” Wrote in the same day.

New Mexico held a moment of reflection In January during a match at The Pit. Later that month, a Go Fund Me page He was set up shortly after the accident and said he was expecting a procedure to help stabilize him. There weren’t many updates after that.

“One thing in you is that you’re always fighting! And that’s exactly what you did, brother,” Saquan Singleton, a former New Mexico teammate, Wrote Tuesday.

Bettino recruited Muscadin when he was still a coach in Minnesota, but Muscadin chose to start his career with the Jayhawks. He joined the Kansas roster in 2020 as a 6-foot-10 four-star. Muscden made 11 appearances, but didn’t see significant minutes before moving to New Mexico in 2021.

He played in 12 matches with Lobos, averaging 9.3 points, 5.3 rebounds and 1.6 pieces per game. He was very athletic And he has the ability to really help New Mexico on both sides of the ball. Things didn’t quite work out, and Muscadin entered the transfer gate about a week before the accident.

Muscden was not only known for his basketball ability. Last year before the season started, New Mexico guard Jamal Mashburn Jr. — a fellow Muscden housemate — said he could cook just about anything. Mashburn often ordered a breakfast of toast, eggs, cheese and bacon. On Tuesday, he shared some photos of his former teammate on his Instagram story.

“I love you,” Mashburn wrote.

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