Giannis Antetokounmpo is currently one of the biggest names in the NBA, but there was a time when his coach compared him to Nicholas Batum.

Giannis Antikonmo is an absolute beast. He has become such an exceptional player that people seem to forget the beginning of his career.

Back in 2013, in his rookie year, Giannis was seen as a good player. He started only 23 games and averaged just 6.8 points per game. The next two years saw his improvement, but in his fourth season, he really found his stride.

In a tweet in 2013, draft analyst Jonathan Wasserman compared him to Nicholas Batum. This was before Antetokounmpo joined the league. In fact, Jonathan named him Giannis Adetokonpo.

Years later, Giannis’ coach made the same mistake by introducing Batum into the conversation but the Greek star immediately shut him down.

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Giannis would have gone back to Greece if he had appeared like Batum

To be fair to Nicholas Batum, he was a respected player. He even had a season averaging 15+ points per game. But compared to where Giannis was now, there was absolutely no comparison between him and Antitokonmo.

But when Giannis started at the Milwaukee Bucks, assistant coach Josh Oppenheimer wanted Giannis to be like Nicholas Batum.

Once after training, he sat down with Greek Freak and told him to keep an eye on the former Charlotte Hornets player.

Oppenheimer: “Really look at him. He’s really a good player. If you work really hard, you might be able to be a Nick Battom type of player.”

Josh Jian’s comment stunned him into silence. After a short pause, he basically told Josh not to think about it. He claimed that if he became Nick Patom, he would leave the NBA and return to Greece.

Giannis: “If I become Nick Patom, I’ll go back to Greece.”

Giannis Antikonmo’s destiny was greatness

Even when he was barely a regular starter, Giannis had his hopes up. He wanted to do the best he could, and he wanted to strive for greatness rather than just being a decent player.

In his prolific career, he has received many honors. In fact, he also made a lot of money playing at such a high level. The Greek freak, who came from a family with financial challenges, treated this newfound money with a great deal of respect.

Weirdly 50 accounts opened with 50 different banks. His coach revealed that Giannis Antetokounmpo had exactly $250,000 stored in those accounts. For each of them, we suppose.

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