The Boston Celtics 4-2, but their losing pair signals a potential pivot point problem until Robert Williams’ third comeback. Chicago Bulls’ Nikola Vucevich single-handedly destroyed the net with 23 rebounds, while Evan Mobley and Garrett Allen finished doubles in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ overtime win.

Boston has enough talent overall to get by without making a move on paper, but Grant Williams’ absence against Cleveland showed that any game could be jeopardized by suspension or injury at the last second.

It’d be better if Cs would add a young talent who could finish nails in the same vein than ‘The Timelord’ to keep the streak until it’s full Boston’s front court. FanNation has recently come up with an interesting name that matches this description.

Here’s FanNation writer Brett Siegel’s suggestion from his article, “NBA Teams Could Consider Coming to November”:

Boston Celtics receive: F Jared Vanderbilt

Utah Jazz Pickup: F Justin Jackson (to be waived), POR 2023 2nd Round Pick (via BOS), BOS 2025 1st Round Pick (Top-10 Protected)

Why are the Boston Celtics doing this

The suggestion is that the Boston Celtics head of basketball operations, Brad Stevens, would have a hard time saying no to giving protections in the abandoned first round and the fact that no rotation members would be sacrificed in the deal.

Jared Vanderbilt is proving his ability to be a stretcher on the floor in the Utah Jazz front yard so far after trading Rudy Gobert, playing alongside former Celtic Kelly Olynyk and Laurie Markkanen for the first time this season. He made 3/7 3 point attempts and collected 4 steals in 2 different matches.

Vanderbilt could be a hedge if Grant Williams signs an offer sheet the following season the Cs won’t want to match. Playing at the Minnesota Timberwolves after last year’s season and potentially smashing the Jazz in a playoff game speaks well of Vanderbilt’s value.

Why would Utah Jazz do that

Danny Inge built a roster most of whom expected to lose many games, but so far in 2022-23, the opposite has emerged. Jazz has a list of creative game makers who line up well with a winning record of 8 games.

That may not be the plan with Victor Wimpanyama coming into the league in the 2023 NBA Draft. Even if Adam Silver is penalizing teams if they suspect they have tanks, Ainge should make future-focused moves by the time Justin Jackson’s contract can be traded from The Boston Celtics accepted – unless Utah wants to stop winning this season.

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