Happy Halloween headache day. Unpack the candy you stole from the kids, lay back in the chair, put your feet up on the table, and get ready for our list of four little games on Tuesday.

DraftKings Sportsbook She has an over 225 group total in three matches: GS/MIA (226), CHI/BKN (232) and MIN/PHO (227.5). Tuesday’s outdoor game is an ORL/OKC game at a paltry 216. There are no double-digit favorites and every game is tight, with PHO being the favorite at 3.5 points.

In terms of linebackers, BKN plays the second leg while CHI and MIA play tomorrow. There are fears of infection, so go to DK Live To get the latest updates.

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Keri Irving Brooklyn Networks against. Chicago Bulls ($9700) – Irving is a basketball expert with one of the best grip packs in the game. His usage rate has been 30.8% this season, and he is converting 47% of 22.9 field goal attempts. Did I forget to mention that he also had five rebounds, 4.9 assists, 1.7 steals, and 1.1 blocking shots per game? In his last six games, he’s over 50 DKFPs, with two of those over 60.

gilgus alexander tea Oklahoma City Thunder against. Orlando Magic (9400 USD) – The SGA has exceeded its expectations 60% of the time this season. He’s scored at least 40 DKFPs in each competition and gone over 50 three times, with two of those over 60. His usage rate is 33.3%, and he’s actually filling out the stats sheet. From a perspective perspective, in the leagues over the course of the season, Gilgeos Alexander is the #1 player on a per-game basis currently.


Jalen Williams, Oklahoma City Thunder vs Orlando Magic ($3,900) Williams has been inactive for four games due to a fracture of the orbital bone. And he came back on Saturday and came out with the ball, played 27 minutes and made 13 points, three rebounds, three assists, four losing balls and one block. This translates to 29.75 DKFP. He’s a beginner, but he feels comfortable and the game doesn’t seem too fast for him. With Josh Gedi out, it looks like playtime in the mid-20s can be maintained once again.

straight ahead


Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls (10,200 USD) Durant averages 1.33 DKFP each, which is the highest on the list in the forward position. He’s scored at least 45 DKFPs in every competition this season, up 61.25. It’s a fast spot for Brooklyn, with the Bulls playing their ninth fastest. Chicago also boosted the attackers’ strength FPPM by 6.69% – the ninth most generous.

Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat against. Golden State Warriors (8400 USD) Its 23.4% usage rate is poor compared to most top-of-the-line options. As a result, the ceiling games are not many because it does not force movement and plays within the system. He usually ends up in the 30- to 40-DKFP range, which shows the overall game he has. But that doesn’t mean ceiling games are out of the question. He has 18 triple-doubles career and went 59.5 DKFP by two games against these Warriors. Last season, he crossed the 50 DKFP 13 times, with four bids over 60 and a high of 80.75.


Choma Okeke, Orlando Magic, and Oklahoma City Thunder (3600 USD) – Okeke is a low usage player, so points are rarely huge. However, he offers a few chips in each category, but the most important thing is that he played 25 and 29 minutes over the last two games, and minutes are half the battle.

other options – Jalen Williams ($3,900), Darius Bazley ($4,100), Jafont Green ($3,500)



Pam Adebayo, Miami Heat vs Golden State Warriors ($7,400) – Adebayo is one of the most versatile positions in the league, can defend every position, shoot at mid-range J and build defensive stats. He’s scored over 20 points in each of the last two games and made 49 DKFP points against the Warriors two games ago (26 points, eight rebounds, one pass, four steals and three blocks). A repeat of the strong defensive stats is unlikely, but the Warriors boosted their FPPM to the league-leading 24.31% positions.

Wendell Carter, Orlando Magic at Oklahoma City Thunder (6800 USD) The Warriors boosted their DKFP per minute to the top spots, but the Thunder is just behind by 19.27% ​​- which is good for the third most generous. Carter has been polite from a DKFP perspective so far, only going 40 times. However, he has 50-DKFP – a number he reached four times last season. His high of 59 DKFP came last season against the Thunder, so….


jock landall, Phoenix Suns against. Minnesota Timberwolves (5000 USD) – With Deandre Ayton out, center minutes will be split between Landale and Bismic Piombo ($5500). Biyombo will probably start and be on a higher list, but I think Landale is the better play. He’s more offensive and has the ability to stretch the Earth – something the Suns would likely want to do Rudy Gobert ($8,200) on the earth. So far this season, Timberwolves have boosted their three points taken by 34.2%.

other options – Nick Claxton ($5800)

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