Dustin Johson’s defection from the PGA Tour to a Saudi-backed LIV golf course may have hurt him in the karma department, but there’s no doubt it bolstered his bank account as the 2020 Masters winner earned $35.9 million from playing in just eight events during the series’ upstart season. the first. For comparison’s sake, PGA Tour Champion Rory McIlroy made $28.5 million across 17 events this season.

Johnson, 38, who has made $96.4 million over his 15-year PGA Tour career, has played nearly 1,400 shots since joining LIV in June and has only made about $7,000 ($6,833.75) per shot given his earnings after schism. That’s a roughly 1,000% increase per shot, according to sports betting site Pickswise. Per position, the former #1 seed earned a total of $1,617,749 playing 2,670 shots during his final year on the PGA Tour, which equates to $605.90 per shot.

Johnson, who sarcastically said last month that he “really regrets” switching tours, also reportedly received $125 million over four years in guaranteed money just for joining the sub-round. The rest of LIV’s top golfers are also likely to be glad they made this change as it resulted in them racking up thousands of dollars for a single swing of the club. It comes after Johnson in earnings per shot: Cameron Smith ($6302.62), Henrik Stenson ($5134.84), Branden Grace ($4776.76) and Patrick Reed ($3938.01).

Although he was one of the 21 players they pitched for LIV that failed to shatter the $1 million singles earnings, Pat Perez ended up walking away with a total of $8 million for the year playing for Johnson’s 4 Aces and Four Players. The group won four regular season events as well as the LIV Team title. Talking about his experience, the 46-year-old veteran said what many likely think. “All the feedback, all the negative feedback, all we got, at this point I don’t really care. I mean, I don’t care. I paid,” Perez said after LIV’s end-of-season event over the weekend.

LIV Golf is set to announce its event schedule for 2023 in the coming days.

“Outrageous fees on the breakaway tour LIV Golf have generated a lot of controversy over the past few months. Our study shows that Dustin Johnson earning 1,000% more per shot for his exploits on the breakaway tour compared to PGA will only increase tensions, according to Pickswise representative Richard Wilson. With so little money coming in through sponsorships, another major question for the coming year will be to consider the series’ long-term future: Without this show, how long will the owners want to continue with this project? If the breakaway tour fails, it may also be left The PGA has an interesting decision. Will they easily allow names like Johnson and Smith to rejoin without any repercussions?”

Can. Maybe not.

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