Matt Ferguson fired 75 goals to win the El Rancho Chico men’s single-shot aggregate title, which was played out of the white jerseys at Bidwell Park Golf Course. Second place was a tie between Jeff Nedved and the Rio Jets, both of whom shot 76. Josh Wolf netted 66 to win the title. George Laver, Barry Wolf and Kyle Otterback netted the 69th to tie for second. Andy Goodsell finished fifth at 70th.

Eric Sargent defeated Phil Jones in a playoff to win the First Division, who played from the yellow jerseys at Bidwell Park. Sargent and Jones both hit 76 to force the playoff. Rich Lash won the yellow net tee title, for the second year in a row, with 66 points. Second place was another triple tie between Vic Mitchell, Craig Fellner and Joe Galloway, all of whom scored a net 70. Fifth place went to Jeff Blocker with a net of 72. The bonus for winning the overall and net title in each division, as well as getting your name engraved on a plaque at the club , is a free entry fee to all ERCGC tournaments for the next year. This is a very nice and well deserved gesture on behalf of the club.

Closest to Winners: No. 2, Ben Harima; No. 4, Jones; No. 7, Nedved; No. 12, Don Stuart; No. 16, Darren Yartz.

Bidwell Park Women’s Golf Club played putts on a weekly outing. First low-gross ride: Debbie McDermont, 89. Game: Pam Coleman, 30 hits. Second flight low total: Sandy sample, 99. Game: 1, Cheryl Vermillion, 33 hits; 2, Barbara Albers, 34 hits. Total third trip low: Melody Johnson, 106. Match: 1, tie, Sue Blesman and Teresa Martinez, 32 strokes. closer for installation on No. 12: 1, sample; 2, Cindy Bell; 3, Judy Cato.

Boot Creek Country Club

Tim Beach retained his title as Boot Creek Men’s Club Champion. Beach defeated Bill Rich in his last match, 2 and 1, to maintain his victory in a tough 18-hole match. Rich had previously defeated Matt Sayer, 4 and 3, in a semi-final match. Beach defeated Landon Williams on the 23rd hole to reach the finals. Williams defeated Sayre on the consolation tour. In the net competition, Kevin Parrish beat Mike Cesney to take the title and earn a reserved parking spot. Cesny defeated Steve Ramaccini to earn his place in the finals. Similarly, Parrish defeated Chad Parker in the semi-final match. My advice is for Parrish and Beach to rent out their reserved parking space, as they live on the track and rarely drive to the club. Same goes for the women’s club champion, Susan Martellaro, who lives next door to the 10th tee…just saying.

Turnout was low, but the golf shop’s credit was big, at the Pot Creek Men’s Golf Club Championships, which concluded their two-day tournament last week. Royal (as in “Aire”) Hawkley is the new overall champion, a title recently added to boost engagement. Hockley scored 152 points total for two days to win by four strokes. Ed Anderson and Mark Plovsky tied for second with a low total of 156. Dave Smith defied the odds and reclaimed the net title, having relinquished the title last year in favor of Mike Picktoll. Smith’s score of 147 was one stroke lower than John Olsen and Lou Sanchez, who tied in the second net low at 148. Ray Parker finished the fourth net low at 150. Bicol and Kevin Parrish tied for fifth in the net class with a score of 153. The names in place will be changed in Parking spaces reserved for new champions gross and net. Hopefully Smith keeps his mark from 2020.

At the annual dinner and awards presentation after the show on Wednesday, Smith was again elected president of the senior men’s golf club, a position he held for several years. Anderson maintained his role as head of the tournament and Sanchez agreed to continue as a monthly newsletter (Potter Butter) on behalf of the seniors. Sanchez also has the privilege of representing Boot Creek on the Northern California Supreme Golf Association Board of Directors.

Butte Creek Women’s Golf Club played a four-man scramble in the weekly tournament. No. 1, Vicki Elkisor, Irma Jenkins, Karen Beckman and Becky Smith, 59.2; 2, Sherry Kimmelshaw, Paula Rich, Karen Veron and Cindy Bailey, 61.6; 3, Karl Dries, Joey Smith, Joan Routledge and Susie Mann, 62.45.

Table Mountain golf course

The stroke game, also known as the medal game, was for the Table Mountain Women’s Golf Club last week. Sandy Goble continued to master the ties in the overall category, taking first place with 80 points. JoAnne Jircitano was low on nets on the day with a record of 68. 2, Dana Blanton, 75; 3, Lynn Sutherland, 76; 4, Sally Steimman, 77. Second flight: 1, Deep Learner, 69; 2, Chris McGee, 70; 3, Betty Horton, 72; 4, Eileen Thomas, 73. Third flight: 1, Pete Powell, 72; 2, Michelle Brown, 73; 3, Jodi Thompson, 75; 4, Sybil Janke, 77. Closest to the pin at No. 3: Blanton.

Canyon Oaks Country Club

Canyon Oaks Women’s Golf Club has concluded its year-long Match Play Madness competition and the results are in. The creator of this long-standing tradition is rumored to be Jackie Draculaic in 2006, who also received the Green Jacket that year. The concept is unique and perpetuates the legacy of previous winners, because winners of each flight receive a jacket with their name and the year before it embroidered on it to pass it on to the new recipient.

Sally Pearson will have the honor of wearing the iconic green jacket for her first trip victory. and others on the first flight were: No. 2, Shelley Carney; 3, Karen Olson; 4. Cynthia Paulo. Second trip and Nancy Vieira got her denim jacket. 2, ivy spring; 3, Vicky Splits; 4, Linda Arellano. Third flight: 1, Joanne Wagner proudly took her tan jacket home; 2, Melinda self; 3, Sue Osterholt; 4, Pat Raditch. Closest to Winners: No. 3:1, Gina Snyder; 2, Fran Widow; No. 6: 1, Jenny Wolf; 2, Susan McVicker Weaver; No. 11:1, Karen Ascot; 2, wolf; No. 14: 1, Mary Wollmark; 2, McVicker Weaver.

Canyon Oaks Women’s Golf Club played “Beauty and the Beast” for its weekly championship. The format was teams of three, where the players kept their own scores, and the team’s final score consisted of combining the lowest net score (Beauty) with the highest net score (Monster). Shelley Carney was low overall with a score of 87. Joan Wagner was low netting, scoring 7 points under her handicap for 65. Game: 1, Carney, Linda Alworth & Wagner, 145; 2, Nancy Vieira, Melinda Self and Cathy Edgar, 154. Closest to the number 3:1, Wagner; 2, Sue Hyman; 3, Ivy Spring.

Canyon Oaks Men’s Golf Club put together the best 3-man, 9-hole and 9-hole ball in the monthly Sweeps Championship. 1, Brian Indomano, Greg Webb and Jim Moon, 61.25; 2, David Altman, Dave Wood and Bob Cromer, 61.7; 3, Mark Block, Alex McKenzie and Jim Ponzio 62.3. Closest to Winners: No. 3, Bob O’Sullivan; No. 6, Gayland Taylor; No. 11, Indomano; No. 14, Bruce Albert.

Junior golf

Levi Woodward, who recently turned seven, finished second in the US Kids’ Championships at Cherry Island GC in Elverta, California at 8 and under the division, with a score of 38.

amazing shots

Mark Block scored an Eagle 3 last week on hole 16 in Canyon Oaks. Watch his playmates Scott Borges, Bob Cromer and Steve Simpson have the perfect 145-yard, 8-iron Block shot in the cup.

Upcoming tournaments

The annual Milan Morey Hamm Hunt Championship is set in Bidwill on Sunday, November 13th. The format is four players, the best two players. The entrance fee for the 8:00 a.m. gun start is $20, not including green fees or a golf cart. For those of you who don’t remember, Milan was a longtime sportswriter and golf columnist for Chico-Enterprise Record. He has been a staunch supporter of Bidwell Golf and I can add that he is a great friend.

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