People might think of Chris Paul as a talented player who made the most of his talents, but the guy is just as dedicated to the game as Kobe Bryant.

We’ve all heard about the competitiveness of Michael Jordan and his biggest and most successful fan, Kobe Bryant.

Even though he couldn’t surpass MJ as the Goat or most of his accomplishments, Kobe has outdone his idol in terms of the disciplined life he led to keep his competitive spirits up for the past 20 years and is one of the most prestigious careers in the NBA.

Mamba Mentality isn’t just a well-known term in the NBA circuit anymore, it’s famous all over the world. Bryant’s sudden death may be one of the reasons why it is so widespread and widely respected, but it truly is a form of life that can change one’s life inside and out.

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There have been plenty of legendary players since his return to the league in 1996, but no one has shown the competitive spirit of his stature. Some have approached, and according to Mar Odom, not LeBron James but two of his closest league friends.

Lamar Odom once ranked Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade behind Kobe Bryant in ‘Competitive Spirit’

The former Clippers and Lakers star, who joined the NBA after two years of 18x All-Stars, sat once with The Vertical and discussed basketball through and through.

Talking about his former teammate’s infectious competitiveness and work ethic, 2x NBA champion Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul mentioned a difference of seconds over the 5x champion, giving the latter a slight advantage.

“No one was close to Kobe for me, his competitive spirit,” Odom told The Vertical, according to Yahoo Sports.

LO continued, “I mean, D-Wade and Chris Paul…Chris Paul comes in second in his competitive driving, but Kobe Bryant, man, in the morning, man. He taught me to really finish. To finish. Finish it all.” I really instilled in myself the Heat mantra, Weightlifting Every Day, which I started that season in Miami. I was great with that, being so close to Kobe. You want to be strong, defend your place and your territory when you play with Kobe.”

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How CP3 used his competitive edge to become a point god

As bad as it can be in the postseason, no one has been called God in the NBA in 75 years except for Chris Paul. Regardless of “Black Jesus,” MJ was the nickname he called himself.

At 37, in his 18th league season, the 5x passing leader joined John Stockton and Jason Kidd as the only players to earn 11,000 career assists.

He may not have trophies to show for it, but he could be said to be the best two-way goalkeeper in the league as well, arguably behind Isaiah Thomas and Gary Payton.

His picks for 6x Steals (no other player has won more than 3) and 9x All-Defensive Team is testament to his greatness as an all-time great defender and shows how willing he is to give the game on both ends of the court.

Like, Kobe, he would have been a legend in the game even without his defensive contribution, but as Odom said being close to Bryant means he has to be the best of all times in all parts of the court.

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