Leading the original comedy series on Netflix Turnout They are sitcom veterans and fan favorite actors Randall Park (Fresh off the boatand Melissa FumeroBrooklyn Nine-Nine). When longtime Blockbuster Store Manager Tim Yeon (Park) learns that he’s now running the last operating Blockbuster outlet, he decides to run it as a small business, providing a human touch in the growing age of streaming. Joining Timmy is his longtime friend and co-worker Eliza Walker (Fomero), whom Timmy harbors an unrequited crush as they run their video store together for their small Midwest town.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Turnout Series stars Randall Park and Melissa Fumero share their comforting movie anthology, explain how they found onscreen chemistry, and reveal what helps Turnout It rises above the rest of the sitcoms out there and about today.

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CBR: Timmy and Elisa spend a lot of time together all the time Turnout. Do you remember meeting each other and forming that harmony for your performance?

Randall Park: I think I felt – even before we started filming, getting to know each other – I felt a great connection to Melissa. I remember saying to you, “I feel in many ways the same person. You’re just the best version of me.” [laughs] I felt like we were really sympatico in many ways, and as soon as we stepped onto the set, it was the same. It’s fun just hanging around her, fun working with her – it was fun.

Melissa Fumero: As previously! I remember feeling dizzy after our first scene together. It was just as fun as I thought. [laughs]

You’re both comedic backgrounds, and Melissa, I’ve worked with soap opera writer Vanessa Ramos before Brooklyn Nine-Nine. What is the secret sauce behind a good sitcom, and how does it do it Turnout Stand out from everything else out there these days?

Fumero: I think it’s about equal parts of the story and script quality but also the chemistry of the cast. I definitely feel like lightning struck twice. We had it so much BrooklynThen I met this reps, and it was the same. Everything quickly crystallized, and everyone brought in an A game. It’s just a bunch of heavy hitters again. That elevates the whole thing, and I think, especially with comedy, if you enjoy a set like that, that adds up to everything.

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As a Korean, I loved seeing things with Timmy’s umma and appa. How did you feel about adding that dimension to the character?

Park: It’s great. It was so much fun! This is a naturally varied show, and I think it’s one of the superpowers of that show, as well as a lot of other things. The fact that our cultural backgrounds aren’t the main point of our characters – they exist, and they’re just as part of the characters’ lives as if they were part of our own, but we don’t deal with them every day. just there. In that sense, despite the whole thing being comical, it felt very grounded in that way and very fun to play. This is so cool that it resonated with you!

with touchstone Turnout When you get together on the movies, what are all the comfort movies you also recommend to others?

Park: We talked about it When Harry Met Sally on him.

smoker: Yes, that is all of our goal. That was a very early bonding moment. Notting Hill good idea.

garden: This is not rom-com, although rom-coms is my favorite, but I talked about it intangible Earlier, I just liked this movie. This is the first movie I’ve seen myself in a theater.

smoker: You have reconnected with under the hot sun Because of the show, and this movie is pretty good. I forgot how good it was

garden: I got loads of movie recommendations from the written dialogue for this show and I found out all these great movies!

Created by Vanessa Ramos, Blockbuster premieres November 3 on Netflix.

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