San FranciscoAnd the November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/- Syngraa leading manufacturer of synthetic data, and Atropos HealthToday, the leader in providing clinicians and researchers with real-world, research-grade evidence at the point of care, today announced a partnership that will enable users of Atropos Health’s Green Button counseling and evidence platform to benefit from market-leading, privacy-preserving Syntegra synthetic data – as well as existing data sets. In the real world at Atropos Health’s network of evidence.

Atropos Clinical Informatics Consulting Service Green Button solves the “evidence gap” by helping researchers and clinicians at the point of care answer clinical questions that previously could not be answered using real-world data, enabling more robust research and personalized care for diverse groups of patients. The patients. With Atropos, doctors ask questions about their normal functioning. And after less than two days, they receive answers in the form of Transparent Systematic Factual Evidence (RWE), generated from millions of previous encounters with anonymous patients. Researchers can also take advantage of this on-demand guides to expedite research efforts and advance publications and guideline development. The Atropos and Syntegra partnership will unlock answers to more clinical questions by extending the queryable data to Syntegra’s large, real-world synthetic data sets.

With a mission to democratize healthcare data and accelerate innovation, Syntegra creates ultra-realistic synthetic data sets using a groundbreaking machine learning approach that learns fundamental trends in data. This greatly expands the use and value of real-world data by removing privacy-related barriers and increasing data to fill coverage gaps for often underrepresented population groups. This in turn allows for more representative and realistic data sets to be used to support Atropos’ research.

“The scope of Real World data to inform patient care is growing, and we believe synthetic data has a critical role to play in the evidence ecosystem,” said the CEO of Atropos Health. Brigham Hyde. “Our engagement with Syntegra will also provide the clinical research community with the ability to empirically assess the appropriateness of synthetic data against other unspecified patient data for critical research and point-of-care questions, ultimately generating more evidence and insight for personalized patient care.”

The first phase of the partnership will focus on demonstrating the clinical value of Syntegra data using Atropos technology to generate rapid insights to expand the use of synthetic data. Syntegra will also provide millions of synthetic patient records to raise a range of questions that Atropos can answer, enabling more widespread deployments with its customers.

“We are excited to partner with Atropos Health to expand the use of personalized, data-driven medicine,” Michael de LeechSM MD FACC, founder and CEO of Syntegra. “Atropos addresses a significant gap in clinical care decision-making that must have an enormous impact on caregivers and the patients they treat.”

About Syntegra
Syntegra is unleashing the promise of factual evidence by utilizing a groundbreaking machine learning model – Syntegra Medical Mind – to enable low-burden access to equitable and privacy-preserving synthetic health data, maximizing the value of data for those who hold it and providing access to those who need it. Synthetic data matches the statistical accuracy of the base data without association with any actual patients, providing complete protection of patient privacy. Syntegra’s ever-growing model is built from statistical patterns of structured healthcare data to meet the diverse needs of our clients, including health systems, life sciences, health technology, payers, and clinical research institutions. Get instant access to patient-level data on our website Synthetic Data API today. Learn more through and follow us LinkedIn And the Twitter.

About Atropos Health
Atropos Health is the developer of the first medical advice service powered by real-world, research-level data. Using billions of anonymous patient records, Atropos helps providers answer clinical questions that have fallen through the cracks of the evidence-based literature. By leveraging clinical insights from electronic health records and claims data in a systematically rapid and transparent manner based on dozens of peer-reviewed publications, Atropos enables more robust research and evidence-based care. To learn more about Atropos Health, visit or contact through LinkedIn Or follow us on Twitter @AtroposHealth.

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