Good price or no dice 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Winter is coming and according to today’s announcement Good price or no dice Mark V, the car The current owner needs Lincoln’s gold before the snow season begins. Let’s see if it’s priced right to take the fall.

Monday 1952 MG TD Midget Maybe they both had a foldable top And the a foldable windshield, but none of these features were enough to justify breaking the bill for the $18,000 asking for the little Brit. This was due to the car’s modifications, which included the Triumph . transmission system Necessary Remove one of the engine side panels. Although the seller saw this as an improvement, many of you felt otherwise, so they returned MG to Morris’ garage at 64 Percent no dice loss.

old, MG made her Noun By building small and simple sports cars. were the Kind of cars offered Simple driving pleasure but nothing more. Today we will face it with a stretch 1979 Lincoln Mark Va car that offers copious amounts of just about everything, except maybe For simple driving pleasure.

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The Mark V was the last of the Nimitz class continents, the Mark VI that followed had a significantly smaller number and succession, as was the custom at the time. This makes Lincoln among the last of the old-school models that equated luxury with height and ostentation Extravagance with, well, Opera windows.

As far as driving participation Are you worried? Well, there is little to worry about that In fact, Since these cars are usually creampuff steering, handle, and riding in a way that attempts to isolate the driver from the bourgeois realities of things like the feel of the road, Cornering dynamics And the exhaust note. Place an open stretch of highwayHowever, you must find This is Lincoln in its element.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be too quick about that. With two and a half tons to port, neither the standard 179 horsepower 400 V8 nor its optional 460 horsepower would make it. white walls. The ad doesn’t say which engine this car has, but there’s plenty of room for it under the hood for any significant mass. The standard C6 three-speed automatic transmission with shaft change complements the transmission.

it might be Nothing too exciting, but what is Lincoln – a large cruiser may have been taken in style That’s all right. And that, with just 53,000 miles on the clock, appears to wear its massive proportions and baroque design with aplomb.

According to the announcement, the car was in storage for 10 years before it was towed and brought back to life. Work to do this included replacing the fuel system, including the 25-gallon (!) gas tank and rebuilding the Motorcraft carburetor. The belts have also been replaced, and they seem to be rocking a new battery as well.

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Visually, years of storage don’t seem to have affected the car all that Many. Still blue diamond paint It holds a gloss, while the roof of Landau is fair Quilted as usual. Inside, things are well kept. TThis is really what old school luxury was all about, What with all the fake wood, glossy back tools, and super-Slim steering wheel. However, the best part of the cabin It should be the main unit of the audio system. This presents a future for time digital display as well Both FM stereo and a 8-track audio tape player For all your listening pleasures.

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But it’s not all about museum quality here. The seller notes that the driver’s side window works when he wants to, and there are some visible flaws, particularly in the carpet on the driver’s door and cracks in the plastic on one of the steering wheel spokes. There is also a missing logo on one of the fake wire wheel covers that serves as individual external issue.

According to the pictures, the underside of the car is a little oily but it looks solid. The title is listed as clean, although the car does not appear to have plates of any kind and there are none male from Current registration status.

Image of the article titled At $15,500, Is the 1979 Lincoln Mark V a Baroque Deal?

Fortunately on our intentions, the seller is reporting the price, which is $15,500. Apparently, the seller wants the car to go before winter. The car may be owned by This is the bear settle her things before hibernation. Who do you know?

What do you say about Lincoln and this $15,500 price tag? Does this sound like a bargain for a boat this size? Or is that too much of an old school tuition to be considered a trip?

It’s your decision!

Allentown, Pennsylvania, craigslistor go over here If the ad disappears.

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