Stephen Curry has made it well known that he has an affinity for golf. Everything from investing in VR golf to being a character in PGA 2K23 games, Carrie’s hobby is more than just that. He played it so much that his son, Cannon, thought his father was a golfer rather than a basketball player at one point.

On the other hand, Ayesha Curry was not much of a golfer. She has hosted a charity golf tournament along with her husband in the past but has never shown any real insight towards the sport like the 4 NBA champ.

However, in 2022 for Halloween, she was forced to dress up as a golfer due to some logistical problems.

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Aisha Curry impersonates her husband Stephen Curry on Halloween by stealing his golf clothes.

Stephen Curry has his own wardrobe when it comes to green. A faded, baggy poly shirt tucked into some pants with a belt that goes with his Under Armor boots is what Carrey does most of the time.

Wife Aisha Carey credited this to a T (pun intended) this year for Halloween. She took to her Instagram story to see that while her Bob Ross costume couldn’t get to her in time, she certainly could dress up Steve.

However, she wasn’t inspired by his Golden State Warriors’ usual attire, rather than what he wears when he plays golf. The clothes match what he’s worn in the past and seem to have gotten his attitude quite accurately.

What did the rest of the Carrie family wear for Halloween?

Unfortunately for Stephen Curry fans, the Warriors didn’t have a game on Halloween night. That means they couldn’t see another iconic tunnel costume like the one he wore in 2017 when he went like Jigsaw.

It’s not known what Steve was wearing for Halloween this year, but his kids Riley, Ryan, and Cannon killed him this year.

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